Wednesday, June 07, 2006

KSC Spectrum Update

We have an extensive file of NASA monitoring information on the MT website (see links to the right of this post). The space shuttle will resume operation with a launch sometime next month. We are in the process of updating our NASA information page, the best and most accurate list you will find on the internet.

In this regard, here is the latest raw info from the area around the Cape. It has not been screened for inclusion on our list.

Please note the following update on setup for trunking the KSC system in your scanner:

Base Frequency: Base Frequency: 406.100 MHz, Spacing: 12.5-kHz; Offset: 380

KSC/CCAFS/Patrick AFB TRS talkgroups
TG 1296 Net-117 KSC Medical
TG 1760 CCAFS Safety
TG 1952 CCAFS Security
TG 5392 EH Base (Radiation Control Center)
TG 6736 Photo Control (launch countdown updates,camera ops)
TG 11536 KSC SLF
TG 11600 KSC SLF/NASA Tower
TG 12176 Unknown user/usage "NASA BASE" calling "SECURITY BASE"
TG 13776 KSC TV Ops
TG 14256 Utilities "EAGLE CONTROL"
TG 19232 Unknown user/usage
TG 20208 CCAFS Utilities "READY BASE"

Miscellaneous Conventional Frequencies
118.625 CCAFS Skid Strip Tower
118.900 Spacecoast Regional Tower (KTIX)
119.825 Miami Center - Melbourne
123.475 Air Scan Inc "Bat Cave"
126.650 NASA Tower/Shuttle Training Aircraft/NASA Range Weather
128.550 NASA Tower
132.650 Daytona Approach
133.750 Patrick AFB Tower
133.800 CCAFS Cape Control
134.000 Jax ARTCC - Daytona Beach
138.300 Patrick AFB CP "MAYAPP"
141.300 CCAFS Variety Net
152.345 Delaware North (Spaceport USA) security repeater
154.515 Spaceport USA Tour bus control
156.800 Marine calling/distress
157.075 Range Control
157.100 Launch Danger Area broadcasts
157.150 Station Port Canaveral Secure (secure comms have not been heard here in a long time)
163.150 US Fish & Wildlife Tac 1 (Merritt Island Refuge) Car-car at Titusville fire.
164.275 DOE P25 encrypted (possible input to 173.000)
164.325 DOE P25 encrypted (possible input to 171.950)
167.2125 FBI
171.950 DOE P25 encrypted; patched to KSC TG 5392
172.700 P25 encrypted
173.000 DOE P25 encrypted; patched to KSC TG 5408
168.350 US Fish & Wildlife Tac 2 (Merritt Island Refuge) Helicopter 106 working hot spots from Titusville fire.
229.000 CCAFS Projects
235.400 NASA air-air
239.050 CCAFS Cape Tower (KXMR)
239.275 Daytona Beach Approach
251.900 Patrick AFB SAR
254.250 Miami ARTCC
255.500 Patrick AFB 301st RQS "RESCUE OPS" (LARS ALPHA)
257.800 Daytona Tower
259.000 Patrick AFB 920th RQW
259.700 Shuttle A-G - NASA 946 working MILA/Goddard SFC test counts with MILA
269.300 Miami ARTCC-Melbourne
269.375 Patrick Tower
273.550 Jax ARTCC-Daytona Beach
277.800 Fleet Common
281.425 Daytona Approach
282.800 SAR Common
284.000 NASA Tower
293.550 Miami ARTCC-Vero Beach
294.600 CCAFS Variety Net
296.800 Shuttle A-G 2 - Goddard SFC test counts with MILA
319.000 Miami ARTCC - Vero Beach
321.000 Patrick AFB "KING OPS"
348.700 Miami ARTCC - Melbourne
372.200 Patrick AFB PTD
383.000 Patrick AFB Command Post "MAYAAP"
385.500 Daytona App/Dep
387.000 Daytona App/Dep