Thursday, June 01, 2006

Possible New Milsat Downlink Freq Discovered

Yesterday (5-31) Tate on the NEmilair list posted the following:

"I'm hearing some activity that sounds like flight testing of some sort of equipment at 1340 local. On 252.95 there is discussions about antenna circular polarity and angles for different runs. I had this freq as Pease GCA from a list long ago. At one point vectors to Concord were mentioned (not sure if MA or NH). Anyone have any ideas?"

252.950 MHz for a long time was on my milair spectrum hole list. Recently, while digging through one of my file cabinets in my office I uncovered an intercept that indicated that this frequency was possibly a previous undocumented military satellite downlink frequency and that is how I have it marked in my UHF milair db. This might be a good one to put in a spare scanner bank marked unknown to see what can be heard.

If you monitor anything on that frequency I would appreciate an email at the address in the masthead. Maybe we can pin down what milsat this downlink is coming from.