Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Milcom Frequency Changes - 25 May 2010

Thanks to our old friend Jack NeSmith for the following frequency changes.

KHEY Fort Rucker/Hanchey AHP Goldberg Stagefield
48.8000 (FM) Backup frequency
148.6000 Not available
316.0000 Goldberg East
361.1750 Goldberg West

KHIF Hill AFB UT 134.750 Base Operations (ex-139.3000)

KHLR Hood AAF Longhorn Tower 36.5000 143.0000 237.5000

KIKR Albuquerque Sunport Intl, 349.4000 Kirtland AFB Command Post Tiger Control

KLHW Wright AAF (Fort Stewart/Midcoast Regional) New Winn Army Hospital Helipad 123.0750

KMEM Memphis International TN ANG A/G no 353.4500 (ex-341.7500)

KNPA FASCFAC Pensacola c/s Seeabreeze new frequency 353.7750