Sunday, June 13, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - HF Jun 8-10, 2010 - Mid Atlantic

Our regular MMP reporter Ron P in the Mid Atlantic checks in again with his latest installment of military and government HF logs. All times UTC and Frequencies in kHz.

8 Jun:

08500.0 T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 2322 LSB/ALE calling 7P4S (poss Training ship "Simon Bolivar", BE-11).

08157.0 Unid: 2335 STANAG 4285.

04593.5 AFA3WZ (USAF MARS): 2344 USB w/various stations in NE2S1 net.

9 Jun:

09106.0 KTQ316 (poss Environmental Protection Agency): 1500 USB/ALE sounding.

09106.0 ARC51 (American Red Cross): 1530 USB/ALE sounding.

08500.0 6QA8 (poss Venezuelan Navy frigate): 2300 LSB/ALE calling T5L1 (Commander, Frigate Squadron).

10 Jun:

08500.0 7P4S (poss Training Ship "Simon Bolivar", BE-11): 0100 LSB/ALE calling T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy). Also on 08280.0 LSB.

11451.0 CHPNSC140 (AT&T, Chapin SC): 1600 USB/ALE calling MDTNNJ (AT&T, Middletown NJ).

11451.0 CHPNSC140 (AT&T, Chapin SC): 2000 USB/ALE calling PHNXAZ212 (AT&T, Phoenix AZ).