Monday, June 14, 2010

UHF Milsat Frequency Update

Nils on the Hearsat newsgroup posted up the following UHF transponder updates this morning for the ComsatBW-1 and Skynet 5B military communications satellites:

Active transponders (all 38 kHz) on UHF from ComsatBW-1 (63°E) currently are :

243.625 MHz (replaced 244.275)
251.775 MHz
254.775 MHz (replaced 248.750)
255.450 MHz (replaced 255.500)
259.250 MHz (replaced 259.425)

These changes are probably in preperation of activating ComSatBW-2's transponders on UHF.

Skynet 5B's (53°E) current 38 kHz transponders have been observed as follows:

247.830 MHz
250.180 MHz (now 38 kHz)
254.830 MHz
257.900 MHz
262.500 MHz

Thanks Nils for sharing your observations with the rest of the milsat monitoring community.