Thursday, December 08, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - December 8 - Maryland

Our good friend Ron Perron in Maryland, has passed along has HF/VHF/UHF logs from his mid-Atlantic monitoring post. Thanks Ron.

ACY-Atlantic City NJ (KACY)
ADW- Andrews AFB MD (KADW)
BW- Bay Watch-NAS PAX Area Advisory Control
DAA- Davison AAF, Ft Belvoir VA (KDAA)
DCA- Reagan National Airport/CGAS Washington, Wash DC (KDCA)
GK- Giantkiller (FACSFAC, Virginia Capes)
LFI- Langley AFB VA (KLFI)
MTN-Martin State Airport, Baltimore (KMTN)
NGTF-Northrop-Grumman Test Facility, Baltimore (KBWI)
NTPS- Naval Test Pilot School, PAX
PAX-NAS Patuxent River MD (KNHK)
PTC- Potomac Area TRACON
WRI-Joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst NJ (KWRI)
ZDC- Washington ARTCC

1. VHF/UHF: ((Times are EST))

((Some acft idents from local Mode-S collection))

0805- SAM 298 (99th AS ADW)-depart ADW then w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)
0810- Pacer 07 (C-21, 457th AS ADW)-depart ADW
0829- Nighthawk 5 (unid, HMX-1 MCAF Quantico VA)-w/Wash Helo (134.35)
0835- Venus 65 (C-37B #06-0500, 99th AS ADW)-depart ADW.
0840- Brave flt (2 X F-16s, 121st FS DC ANG ADW)-w/Huntress (139.7) in practice intercepts. Check in w/PAX approach (250.3). At 0900 Brabe 1 advises they are breaking off for a real world scramble intercept. At 0905 advises that their "Jackal (unid)" is intermittent. At 0908 Braves visually searching for TOI but no joy--report seeing Blackjack 2 just south of ADW. At 0915 Braves ident TOI as black helo and adivise Huntress to have Blackjack continue intercept. At 0918 scramble called off and Braves return to ADW.
0850- Navy SD 420 (F-18C, # 163434, VX-23 PAX)-w/ZDC Calvert (281.4)
0851- Blackjack 2 (HH-65C, CGAS Wash)-w/ADW tower (118.4). Appears Blackjack 2 is also involved in the intercept since he's also working w/Huntress (139.7)
0941- Scan 36 (Britten Islander N360TL, NGTF)-w/Northrop Base (123.225) reporting they are on station. Mention gunfire detection equipment with ground unit.
0948- Army 1863 (C-37 # 02-1863, OSACOM DET ADW)-depart ADW then w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)
1009- Tazz 79 (KC-135R 121ST ARG OH ANG RICKENBACKER ANGB OH)-land at ADW.
1118- Tester 13 9T-38C # 15-8201 NTPS PAX)-w/unid acft on discrete (355.8) in ACM training.
1119- Score 15 (unid, VX-20 PAX)-w/BW (354.8)
1456- Mad Dog 81 flt (F-22s, 71st/94th FS LFI)-check into W386 (249.8)
1459- Score 40 (unid, VX-20 PAX)-w/BW (270.8)

HF Comms
((All times are UTC))

08047.0 M050IN (Army National Guard (MI) Lansing, MI): 1331 USB/ALE sounding. (RP-MD 2011/12/09)

24838.5 N04 (HC-144A # 2304 ATC Mobile AL): 2004 USB/ALE sounding. (RP-MD 2011/12/09)

24838.5 ABQSEC (COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Stanley, NM): 2230 USB/ALE sounding. (RP-MD 2011/12/09)