Tuesday, April 10, 2012

U.S. Navy deploys carriers near Gulf before Iran nuclear talks

As noted down page, the USS Enterprise CSG has entered the 5th Fleet AOR. And now this story from AHN.

Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – Less than a week before the resumption of long-stalled nuclear talks with Iran, the United States has kept two carrier strike groups in the US 5th Fleet area of operations.

“USS Abraham Lincoln is currently in the north Arabian Sea (not in the Gulf itself) and USS Enterprise is transiting the Gulf of Aden,” said Navy spokesman Lt. Commander John Fage.

The Enterprise has replaced the USS Carl Vinson, which will soon return to the U.S.’ western coast after finishing maneuvers in the Bay of Bengal.

Although the Pentagon insists the American naval presence in the Gulf is normal, Iran considers it as a security threat. This is evident from recent tensions between the two nations, which prompted Iran to threaten to close a key global oil checkpoint – the Strait of Hormuz.

Earlier this year, the U.S. was ready for a battle against Iran over the Strait of Hormuz if need be. However, it hoped to resolve the dispute peacefully, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said.