Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Indian Ocean Region UHF Milsat Downlinks Discovered

(IS-22: Credit Boeing Artist Concept)

According to a report filed on the Hearsat-L newsgroup, Ronald Rensen in the NL has uncovered several new UHF milsat downlinks in the IOR region. He gave a rough location for the emitter at 70E. Milsat monitoring ace Paul J. Marsh, contributor to: http://www.uhf-satcom.com - http://twitter.com/UHF_Satcom, believes these signals could well be from the Intelsat hosted payload aboard IS-22 at 72 deg East.


The frequencies that Ronald monitored were

251.600 wide
252.300 wide
254.025 narrow
254.500 narrow
254.575 narrow
254.600 narrow
254.625 narrow
254.650 narrow
255.650 narrow
257.575 wide
257.775 wide
265.675 wide*
265.850 wide

*Was very busy between 0725-0745 UTC on 6/25/2012 with secure comms

Thanks to both Ronald and Paul for passing that along on the Hearsat-L group. Very interesting UHF milair assignments.