Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Btown Milcom Blog Logs

Have been doing some HF monitoring this morning. Ran across a couple of interesting freqs.

7348.0 kHz USB/ALE FEMA running weekly comm checks on the FNARS net. FM4FEM - ALE Address (Voice call WGY 914) FEMA Federal Region Center Thomasville, GA cld by FCSFEM002 (WGY 912) - Mt. Weather EAC (Berryville), VA

7630.5 kHz USB/Olivia Tail end of the US Air Force MARS NEM1 net (NE US) at 1345 UTC.
8101.0 kHz USB US Navy CWC Air Defense network, call sign India Whiskey is NCS, probable USS Iwo Jima ARG off the east coast of the US.