Thursday, July 14, 2016

Aerial Refueling Frequencies - Southeast United States

One of the more common frequencies that are heard in the 225-400 MHz aero band are the U.S. Air Force (USAF) aerial refueling (AR) frequencies. I have worked with original Department of Defense (DoD) docs and monitoring to update and post the latest AR frequencies for monitors here in the southeast United States.

The are two types of aerial refueling routes: tracks and anchors.

Aerial refueling tracks are established to accommodate refueling operations along a prescribed route. An aerial refueling track consists of an Air Refueling Initiation Point (ARIP), Air Refueling Control Point (ARCP), and an exit point. Navigation check points between the ARCP and exit point are specified, as required, to facilitate navigation along the route. It also includes the tanker orbit pattern at the ARCP, and the altitude block(s) assigned for the track.

The standard anchor area consists of one or more entry points, an ARIP, anchor point, anchor pattern turn points, one or more exit points, and the designated refueling altitude block(s). The standard aerial refueling anchor pattern consists of a left-hand race track orbit with legs at least 50 NM in length. The legs will normally be separated by at least 20 NM. The orientation of the pattern is determined based on the inbound course to the anchor point. Four turn points are designated to describe the anchor pattern.

Each track/anchor has a scheduling unit. That scheduling unit holds clues who is the primary user of the AR routes they control whether it is tankers or receivers. For instance, the 437OSS based at Charleston controls three AR routes and those routes are used by their C-17 aircraft. Various tanker units would support those aircraft when refueling. Any other units wanting to use their routes would have to schedule those activities with the scheduling agency.

The map below shows the various tracks and anchors used by DoD in the southeast United States.

Anchor   Primary/Secondary-- Scheduling Agency -- Assigned ARTCC/Controlling Unit

AR-101  324.600/260.200 -- 2OSS Barksdale AFB -- Memphis ARTCC
AR-103  327.600/260.200 -- 55OSS Offutt AFB -- Houston ARTCC
AR-108  348.900/260.200 -- 2OSS Barksdale AFB -- Houston ARTCC
AR-110  327.600/319.700 -- 509OSS Whiteman AFB -- Kansas City ARTCC
AR-111  348.900/319.700 -- 552OSS Tinker AFB -- Memphis ARTCC
AR-200  235.100/319.700 -- 6OSS MacDill AFB -- Miami ARTCC
AR-202/202A 327.600/343.250 -- 437OSS Charleston AFB -- Jacksonville ARTCC
AR-203  238.900/319.700 -- 2OSS Barksdale AFB -- Memphis ARTCC
AR-207SW/NE 324.600/343.250 -- 437OSS Charleston AFB -- Jacksonville ARTCC
AR-216  276.500/343.250 -- 437OSS Charleston AFB -- Atlanta ARTCC
AR-302  278.750/260.200 -- 1SOG Hurlburt Field -- Houston ARTCC
AR-313/313A 352.600/260.200 -- 97OSS Altus AFB -- Fort Worth ARTCC
AR-315  343.250/236.650 -- 121ARW Rickenbacher IAP -- Indianapolis ARTCC
AR-328  235.100/343.250 -- 134ARW McGhee-Tyson -- Atlanta ARTCC
AR-455  336.100/291.900 -- 552OSS Tinker AFB -- Indianapolis ARTCC
AR-600  348.900/319.700 -- 20OSS Shaw AFB  -- Jacksonville ARTCC
AR-601  283.900/319.700 -- 20OSS Shaw AFB  -- Jacksonville ARTCC
AR-615  295.400/260.200 -- 1SOG Hurlburt Field -- Houston ARTCC
AR-617  324.600/343.250 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Miami ARTCC
AR-618  348.900/343.250 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Miami ARTCC
AR-620  238.900/343.250 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Miami ARTCC
AR-627  352.600/319.700 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Jacksonville ARTCC
AR-633A/B 240.350/343.250 -- 134ARW McGhee-Tyson -- Atlanta ARTCC
AR-636  238.900/319.700 -- 1FW Langley AFB  -- Washington ARTCC/Giant Killer
AR-637  291.900/319.700 -- 509OSS Whiteman AFB -- Kansas City ARTCC
AR-638  324.600/343.250 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Miami ARTCC
AR-646  238.900/260.200 -- 552OSS Tinker AFB -- Houston ARTCC
AR-655  276.500/343.250 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Miami ARTCC
AR-716  283.900/342.550 -- 23OSS Moody AFB  -- Miami ARTCC

AR by Frequency List

235.100 AR-200 (P)/AR-328 (P)
236.650 AR-315 (S)
238.900 AR-203 (P)/AR-620 (P)/AR-636 (P)/AR-646 (P)
240.350 AR-633A/B (P)
260.200 AR-101 (S)/AR-103 (S)/AR-108 (S)/AR-302 (S)/AR-313/313A (S)/AR-615 (S)/AR-646 (S)
276.500 AR-216 (P)/AR-655 (P)
278.750 AR-302 (P)
283.900 AR-601 (P)/AR-716 (P)
291.900 AR-455 (S)/AR-637 (P)
295.400 AR-615 (P)
319.700 AR-110 (S)/AR-111 (S)/AR-200 (S)/AR-203 (S)/AR-600 (S)/AR-601(S)/AR-627 (S)/AR-636 (S)/AR-637 (S)
324.600 AR-101 (P)/AR-207SW-NE (P)/AR-617 (P)/AR-638 (P)
327.600 AR-103 (P)/AR-110 (P)/AR-202/202A (P)
336.100 AR-455 (P)
342.550 AR-716 (S)
343.250 AR-202/202A (S)/AR-207SW-NE (S)/AR-216 (S)/AR-315 (P)/AR-328 (S)/AR-617 (S)/AR-618 (S)/AR-620 (S)/AR-633A/B (S)/AR-638 (S)/AR-655 (S)
348.900 AR-108 (P)/AR-111 (P)/AR-600 (P)/AR-618 (P)
352.600 AR-313/313A (P)/AR-627 (P)

I am working on some additional milair frequency lists and will post them here on the MilcomMP as I complete them so check back often.

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