Friday, September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence HF/VHF/UHF Frequencies - 14 Sep 2018 1300 UTC Update

As new information comes in, I will update this page here on the blog and also post individual items on our twitter feed @MilcomMP. 

As hurricane Florence approaches the coast, the US Government SHARES network should stand up.

I expect that the US Government SHARES national network to activate during Florence at some point probably late Thursday or Friday. Watch 14396.5 kHz primary, 14487.0 kHz secondary days, and 4618.0 kHz nights in USB.

Since this is a SE US event, I expect that the SHARES SE US net freq to be in use. Watch for possible activity on 5236.0 kHz and 7554.5 kHz during days and 4458.0 kHz nights in USB mode.

Amateur Radio Networks

Hurricane Watch Net is active on 14325 kHz (USB) daytime and 7268 kHz (LSB) nighttime. Also check the following: D-STAR - VoIP WX Net to announce a reflector soon
DMR - Talkgroup 3199 & VoIP WX Net to announce a new talkgroup soon
EchoLink - WX_Talk conference & KC1AAA conference (listen only)

SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Network) 
National: 14265 kHz (USB)
Southern Territory: 7262 kHz (LSB)

Georgia ARES
Primary Voice: 3975 kHz (LSB)
Alternate Voice freqs: 3982.5 kHz (LSB), 3995 kHz (LSB), 5330.5 kHz (USB), 7287.5 kHz (LSB)
Non-voice modes: 3583 kHz (PSK), 3549 kHz (CW)

North Carolina ARES
Primary Voice:  3923 kHz
Alternate Voice: 7232 kHz
Non-voice modes: 3573 kHz (CW)

South Carolina ARES
Primary Voice: 3990 kHz (LSB)
Alternate Voice freqs: 3993.5 kHz (LSB), 7232 kHz (LSB)

Coastal Carolina Emergency Net: 3907 kHz (LSB)

Public Safety Networks

North Carolina Statewide VIPER 800 MHz Network

Courtesy of Motoman55 via radioref:
Statewide Interop Talkgroups - State Emergency Operations Center

Statewide Event Talkgroups - These will be used and will be very busy with rescue teams from all over the state. 

Emergency Management Talkgroups - These will be used to coordinate resources from all over the state.

DPRR Talkgroups - These could be used for rescue workers working in areas hit by the storm

HART Talkgroups - These talkgroups are the North Carolina Helicopter and Aquatic Rescue Team - If helicopters are needed for rescues these talkgroups become active. 

TG52051 NC Department of Public Health Statewide 

South Carolina Statewide Palmeyto 800 MHz Network