Thursday, September 06, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Ron in MD - 10 August - 4 Sep 2018

Our friend Ron in Maryland has been monitoring Russian Naval activity and here is his latest report.
All Times UTC, Freqs KHz

Korsar - Russian Military Transport Aviation (VTA) HQs, Moscow
Polis- 117th Air Transport Regiment (VTAP), Orenburg
Klarnetist- 196th Military Transport Air Regiment (VTAP), Migalovo/Tver
Proselok- 566th Air Transport Regiment (VTAP), Bryansk
Davlenie- 708th Air Transport Regiment (VTAP), Taganrog 
Magnetron- 566th Military Transport Air Regiment (VTAP) Seshcha 

10 August - Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Sweden
06685.0  1128Z  Magnetron USB w/82010 (Russian AF AN-124 566th Military Transport Air Regiment)  reporting 1400 MSK departure from Kedr (Russian AB, Seshcha) w/95 tons fuel & "ops normal".
06685.0  1130Z  Klarnetist USB R/Cs w/78794 (IL-76MD 196th Military Transport Air Regiment Tver).
06685.0  1140Z  76749 (IL-76MD) USB calling Korsar w/no response.

11 August - Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Sweden
11360.0  1200Z  Korsar USB w/76549 (IL-76MD 12th Military Transport Air Division-Tver/Migalovo) reporting 1 hr into flt w/50 tons fuel. At 1300Z reports 2 hrs into flt w/42 tons fuel & "ops normal"
06685.0  1247Z  78764 (IL-76MD) USB calling Klarnetist, Kasta (unid) & Korsar w/no response.
Finally answered by Korsar & reports 1600 MSK landing at Tver & "ops normal".
06685.0  1324Z  Korsar USB w/78807 (IL-76MD) reporting finished work at the range at 1610 MSK.

16 August - Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Sweden

11360.0  1139Z  86872 (IL-76MD) USB calling Korsar w/no response.
11360.0  1321Z  Korsar USB w/78813 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting 1520 MSK departure from Chkalovskiy w/45 tons fuel. Acft is "ops normal" and next is Raspiska (Russian AB Mozdok). NOTE: Possible flt to Syria. Mozdok is usual transit stop for flts to/from Syria. At 1520Z reports landing at Raspiska.
06685.0  1346Z  Korsar USB w/86898 (IL76MD 566th Air Transport Regiment (VTAP), Bryansk) reporting 1619 MSK departure from Ulyanovsk w/32 tons fuel and next is Ekaterinburg & "ops normal". 86898 requests flt info be relayed to Proselok.
06685.0  1510Z  82010 (Russian AF AN-124-100 566th Military Transport Air Regiment, Seshcha) USB calling Magnetron w/no response. Korsar answers & 82010 reports 1805 MSK landing at Chakalovskiy.
06685.0  1518Z  78797 (IL-76MD 196th Military Transport Air Regiment (VTAP), Migalovo/Tver) USB calling Klarnetist, Magnetron & Korsar w/no response.
06685.0  1525Z  78766 (IL-76MD 196th Military Transport Air Regiment - Tver) USB calling Davlenie w/no response. Answered by Korsar and advises he is doing ground R/Cs from Rostov.

17 August - Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Sweden

11360.0  0815Z  Korsar USB w/78833 (IL-76MD-not heard) reporting 1115 MSK landing at ?Chelyabinsk?
11360.0  0827Z  Korsar USB w/75917 (prob Russian AF IL-20/22--not heard) reporting 2 hrs into flt  w/17 tons fuel & "ops normal". At 1042Z reports 4 hrs into flt w/14 tons fuel. At 1120Z reports 5 hrs inti flt w/13 tons fuel.
11360.0  0953Z  Korsar USB w/86827 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting 2 hrs into flt w/32 tons fuel & "ops normal".
11360.0  1136Z  86868 (IL-76MD 566th Air Transport Regiment (VTAP), Bryansk) USB ground R/Cs w/Proselok.

24 August - Logs from KiwiSDR ( in:

1 Khabarovsk Russia
08439.0  0021Z  Chinara (Russian Pacific Fleet Naval Base, Strelok) USB w/Bashniya (unid) asking if he has comms w/Greyder (Russian Pacific Fleet HQs, Vladivostok)
08439.0  0022Z Portal (unid) USB w/Bashnik asking he has comms w/Greyder. Punshir (unid) asks how Portal received  his "work".
08439.0  0031Z  Boyevoy (unid ) USB w/Punshir asking how he received his "work".
08439.0  0037Z  Zhomka (unid) USB calling Punshir w/no response.
08439.0   0041Z  Ekonome (unid) USB calling Punshir.
11354.0  0103Z  Monolog (Naval Air Transports Eastern Sector, Vladivostok) USB w/66002 (TU-134SH1- Russian Pacific Fleet- Mykolaivka / Knevichi (Vladivostok). Cmdr Pacific Fleet's acft--not heard) reporting passing point #211 at 0100 UTC at alt 33,000 mtrs & fuel remaining 3.5 hrs flt time.
08439.0  0124Z  Greyder USC calling Pitomets (unid).
08349.0  0135Z  Dashnik (unid) USB calling Chinara w/no response.
11360.0  1137Z  Korsar (Military Transport Aviation HQs, Moscow) USB w/78838 (IL-76MD 196th
Military Transport Air Regiment - Tver) reporting 3 hrs into flt w/32 tons fuel & 'ops normal".
11360.0  1200Z  Korsar USB w/82011 (Russian AF AN-124-100 566th Military Transport Air Regiment, Seshcha --not heard) reporting 1458 MSK landing at (missed) & "ops normal".
11360.0  1202Z  Chakalovskiy USB calling 76632 (IL-78 Ryzan/Dagilevo) w/no response.

4 September -Logs from KiwiSDR ( in:

1. Sardinia Italy
08219.0  1128Z  Verniy (unid) USB R/Cs w/?Iskatol'? (not heard)
08219.0  1129Z  ?Bazhis? USB R/Cs w/Dzhurnalist (not heard)
08219.0  1130Z  Faktoriya (prob oiler) USB calling Dzhurnalist w/no response.
08219.0  1135Z  ?Bazhis? USB w/?Nedelyan? asking if he's received 3974.

2. Finland
06685.0  1521Z  Korsar USB w/82010 (Russian AF AN-124-100 566th Military Transport Air Regiment, Seshcha) reporting 1755 MSK departure from Chkalovsiy w/100 tons fuel.

3. Greece
05357.0  1720Z  Gazolin (unid auxiliary vessel) USB w/Bussol (Net control-vessel--not heard)
passing Signal 15 : 74802/74725 & Signal 16: 270/6/1/0/?/10/4.

5 September - Logs from KiwiSDR ( in:

1. Finland:
11360.0  1054Z  76739 (IL-76MD 708th VTAP Taganrog Central) USB calling Korsar & Davlenie w/no reaponse.

2. Sardinia
08237.0  1510Z  Bussol (Net control-vessel) USB calling Burevestnik (prob GRIGOROVICH frigate "ADMIRAL GRIGOROVICH") w/no response.
08237.0  1525Z  Vikhr (unid) USB w/Novinka (prob SORUM tug "MB-304") confirming msg group is 26/197.
08219.0  1539Z  Bazis (unid) USB w/Barometr (prob ALLIGATOR landing ship "NIKOLAY FILCHENKOV") asking to go to Dobro #127.
08237.0  1543Z  Gazolin (unid auxiliary vessel) USB calling Bussol w/no response
08237.0  1550Z  Bussol USB calling ?Yeditsiya? w/no response.
05357.0  1601Z  Gazolin USB calling Bussol w/no response.
08219.0  1620Z  Vikhr USB w/Bazis telling him to go to 4046 w/Dobro #550. After digital signal bursts, Bazis advises that he received Vikhr good on Dobro #550.
08219.0  1635Z  Barometr USB w/Moryachok (prob ROPUCHA I landing ship "AZOV") advising that he doesn't have anything for him.

Ron Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)