Thursday, July 04, 2019

AE61F6 - AE61F9 Who or what are they?

This block of hex codes is very interesting on many different levels. I have seen tie-ups all over the place because of all the mixed signals that have seen in the various intercepts.

Here is what I have seen:
AE61F6 5/13/2019 Mode-S c/s 1720978, Fixer 55
AE61F7 6/6/2019 Mode-S c/s G20979, R20979, Assault (ASLT) 979, LAC5873
AE61F8 7/2/2019 Mode-S c/s 1820980, LAC5875
AE61F9 7/3/2019 Mode-S c/s Raid 91, LAC5876

The first three do not look like C-130s, unless the Army has purchased some. Look at AE61F7. These Mode-S calls G20979, R20979 indicate US Army and National Guard G#####. The AE61F6 1720978 and AE61F8 1820980 are US Army serials. But all have either a LAC Mode-S or Fixer 55 call which is used by Lockheed down in Marietta and I see here almost daily for the 130J testing program.

Finally, I have seen the Raid ## call used by the 27SOW/9SOS Night Wings out of Cannon AFB, NM. (See below)

AE61F9 17-5876/18-20 RAID91 2019-07-03 13:30:08 MC-130J United States USAF | 5731 20825

Not sure what is going on here but does anyone know if the Army has purchased some 130 rolling stock? Or is Lockheed intentionally miscoding these to fool those of us reporting their test? Or is it something different? These blocks are preassigned by DoD to Majcoms and then usually further assigned to airframes and or tactical use. This block fascinates me. Comments and thoughts are most welcomed at this point. Send them along to the email addy in the masthead.

Happy 4th to you all and keep our military servicemen and their families in your thoughts and prayers as we celebrate the day we declared our independence.