Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fort Drum 380-400 MHz On The Air

I just received an email this morning indicating that Fort Drum ,New York, has activated a new 380-400 MHz trunk radio system. Unfortunately, he did not pass along any frequencies or any other details. So for my friends in the Empire State who live within line of sight of Fort Drum, please turn on your scanners, use your "search button" to search the frequency spectrum from 380-390 MHz (NFM) in 12.5 kHz steps, and let us know what you found.

In fact, if you live near any US military installation have you checked the 380-390 MHz spectrum for activity yet? It takes just a few minutes and you may discover some interesting new listening in your area. Oh yes, and I would much appreciate it if you drop me a line with the details.

73 and good hunting.