Friday, July 21, 2006

Cosmos 2422 - A Russian EW Sat Launched Update

Cosmos 2422 (International Desig 2006-030A/SSC #29260) was launched from the Russian cosmodrome Plesetsk onboard a Molniya-M/2BL rocket at 0420 UTC, 21 Jul 2006. The payload launched by the Molniya-M appears to be a Lavochkin built Oko-class early warning (US-KS) satellite, the 87th satellite in the series, launched into a highly elliptical Molniya orbit. The two satellites currently operational in the early warning HEO constellation are Cosmos 2388 and 2393.

"The aim of the launch is to reinforce the military network already in space," said Alexei Zolotukhin, a spokesman for the Russian military's space division.

Reported downlinks for this series of satellites are 2298.0 (channel A) and 2304.0 MHz (channel B), both frequencies courtesy of

You can read more information about the Russian early warning satellite network at
Michael Jasinski, "Russia: Strategic Early Warning, Command and Control, and Missile Defense Overview," Nuclear Threat Initiative website, and at Gunter's Space Page.