Tuesday, July 04, 2006

NASA Shuttle Launch Radio Activity Part Trois

HF: 5711/0132//10780 kHz Active
At 1145 UTC this morning have caught shuttle related comms on 10780 USB (ETR Primary) and 5711 USB kHz. Cape moved SRB ship off 10780 to 5711 kHz for traffic. 5711 kHz is getting heavy ALE interference since this is a Shares SCN ALE Net . I have also heard King SAR Support aircraft using 9132.0 kHz USB.

UHF Milsat: Frequency 261.875 MHz has been up with Cape Osbourne, King 5 and Rescue Bird East.

Barney Hamlin in South Central Georgia using his Timestep setup has observed the following INMARSAT TAL Nets this morning:

1535.5 and 1535.825 MHz parallel. The 1535.5 MHz is the stronger of the two in signal strength.

Also I do have additional information on the shuttle launch, such as TLEs, etc., on my personal blog page at the Brasstown Monitoring Post.

More to follow...

Image courtesy of NASA/KSC.