Friday, July 07, 2006

New DoD Flight Information Handbook Released

A new DoD FLIP Flight Information Handbook was released yesterday (Jul 6) on the NGA public website. This will be the last public edition of this publication. The next edition will be released in Feb 2007 and by that time all the DoD FLIP pubs will be withdrawn from the internet and only available on the DoD NIPR net.

The big news in this edition of the FIH for radio listeners is the new info on the RAF Flight Watch Support. Here is that information in detail:

FLIGHT WATCH SUPPORT - The Royal Air Force (RAF) Flight Watch (FW) Centers are:

The RAF FW mission is to United Kingdom FW station provides United States High frequency (HF) aircraft support to relay command and control messages. Respond to aircraft distress/emergency calls. In addition, assistance with request for or relay of weather information. Reference: Internet

Phone patches can be provided (where available) to DSN numbers. Aircraft requesting this facility will be required to provide their 10-digit DSN number. NOTE: There is 24 hour manned operations center at DHFCS Forest Moor and DHFCS Kinloss.

United Kingdom (TASCOMM)
Voice Call Sign: ARCHITECT
Frequencies: 4742 5702 9031 11247 13257 18018
NOTE: Long range HF communications FW for RAF/Naval aircraft from 24 hour manned operations center at DHFCS Forest Moor and DHFCS Kinloss.

Voice Call Sign: HAVEN
Frequency: 4742 9031 11247
NOTE: Flight Watch available for notified flights.

Voice Call Sign: CYPRUS
Frequency: Channel 1 - 4742 (a) Channel 2 - 9031 Channel 3 - 11247
NOTE: (a) H+15 weather broadcasts, when active.

Mount Pleasant (MPA)
Voice Call Sign: VIPER
Frequency: 4742 (a) 11247 (a)
NOTE: (a) H+35 weather broadcasts when active.

1. Flight Watch available for notified flights.
2. Aircraft not fitted with ALE are to scroll through the frequencies in order to select the best reception. Transmissions are to be made at 15 sec intervals before changing to the next guard frequency.