Thursday, November 02, 2006

New MARS VHF Frequencies Posted

Dan Myers posted the following new MARS VHF frequencies on the Milcom newsgroup. He obtained the list from Charles Hargrove's website at

New Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) VHF assignments (courtesy of narrowbanding) (MHz):

138.9750 139.0500 139.6625 140.6250 141.1250 142.1500 142.2750 142.6625 143.3500 143.4000 143.4500 143.9500 143.9750 148.0250 148.0500 148.3500 148.3750 148.4000 148.6500 148.9500 148.9750 149.1875 150.1250 150.4000 150.6250

The complete realignment of the 138-144/148-150.8 MHz DoD LMR bands continues here in the states -New CAP/MARS frequencies. Even if you don't live near a military facility, you should be searching the frequency ranges above using 12.5 kHz spacing on a regular basis. You might be surprised what you will hear. Note: both AM and narrowband FM modes are used in this band. There are very interesting military aircraft comms in these bands.

As always, if you hear something drop me a line. I would like to post what you are hearing.