Saturday, February 10, 2007

The USAF ACC "Raymond" Callsign

From time to time I am asked about the old USAF TAC callsign - "Raymond." Yes, it is still used and reported on various newsgroups occasionally. So as a special for my Milcom blog readers here is my latest list of confirmed USAF ACC "Raymond" callsigns. You will most likely hear these callsigns used on 311.0, 321.0 and 381.3 MHz. If you have a new confirmed Raymond callsign or update to share with our readers, please pass it along to larryvanhorn @

Please no old list, etc. I am looking for what has been heard recently.

Raymond 01 / ACC Headquarters Command Post - Langley AFB, VA [Has not been reported in quite some time and will be removed from my list unless someone has heard it recently]
Raymond 06 / *2BW Command Post - Barksdale AFB, LA
Raymond 07 / *27FW Command Post - Cannon AFB, NM
Raymond 08 / *355 Wing Command Post - Davis Monthan AFB, AZ
Raymond 11 / *33FW Command Post - Eglin AFB, FL
Raymond 12 / *5BW Command Post - Minot AFB, ND
Raymond 14 / *49FW Command Post - Holloman AFB, NM
Raymond 16 / *1FW Command Post - Langley AFB, VA
Raymond 18 / *58FW Command Post - Luke AFB, AZ
Raymond 19 / *93ACW Command Post - Robins AFB, GA
Raymond 21 / *55 Wing Command Post - Offutt AFB, NE
Raymond 22 / *57 Wing Command Post - Nellis AFB, NV
Raymond 23 / *388FW Command Post - Hill AFB, UT
Raymond 24 / *552ACW Command Post - Tinker AFB, OK
Raymond 25 / *4FW Command Post - Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
Raymond 26 / *20FW Command Post - Shaw AFB, SC
Raymond 27 / *366 Wing Command Post - Mountain Home AFB, ID
Raymond 31 / 9RW Command Post Beale AFB, CA
Raymond 33 / *28BW Command Post - Ellsworth AFB, SD
Raymond 36 / *102FW/101FS Command Post Otis ANGB, MA [This entry listed in official publications is suspect. I believe based on good monitoring by Matt Cawby and others in the Pacific NW that this callsign is not used by Otis, but by Fairchild]
Raymond 36 / 92ARW Command Post Fairchild AFB, WA
Raymond 37 / *7BW Command Post - Dyess AFB, TX

Listing marked with an asterisks have been confirmed through listings in official sources (i.e. DoD IFR Sup, etc).