Tuesday, April 01, 2008

US Coast Guard and Mississippi River Flooding

The Coast Guard is placing limits on commercial shipping along the lower Mississippi River and warning recreational boaters to use extreme caution.

If you want to use a pop up media player click USCG/Mississippi River Flooding

Most of the USCG comms on old man river uses VHF frequencies (nbfm).
138.4750 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
142.8250 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
143.4750 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
143.2800 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
149.2000 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
150.7000 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
156.3000 VHF Marine Channel Channel 6
156.3750 VHF Marine Channel Channel 67
156.6000 VHF Marine Channel Channel 12
156.6500 VHF Marine Channel Channel 13
156.7000 VHF Marine Channel Channel 14
156.8000 VHF Marine Channel: Distress, Safety and Calling Channel 16
157.0500 VHF Marine Channel Channel 21
157.0750 VHF Marine Channel Channel 81
157.1000 VHF Marine Channel Channel 22
157.1500 VHF Marine Channel Channel 23
157.1750 VHF Marine Channel Channel 83
162.3250 Law Enforcement R/out
163.0500 Law Enforcement
165.2625 Law Enforcement/Security
165.3375 Miscellaneous
168.3000 Nationwide US Coast Guard Auxiliary
171.2375 Miscellaneous
171.3125 Miscellaneous
171.3375 Miscellaneous
171.3625 Miscellaneous
407.6250 Miscellaneous

And here is my latest list of Coast Guard UHF air freqs, some of which have not been published before (AM mode).

141.550 Nationwide Air-to-Air
150.300 Nationwide Air-to-Air
229.325 Nationwide SAR datum marker
237.900 Nationwide Air Operations Secondary
240.600 Nationwide Search and Rescue (SAR)
242.650 Nationwide SAR datum marker
243.000 Military International Distress, Calling and Guard
275.100 Nationwide SAR datum marker
275.125 Nationwide
282.800 Nationwide Search and Rescue (SAR)
283.550 CG District 5 Command Center SAR frequency
302.250 Nationwide Search and Rescue (SAR)
303.250 Nationwide Search and Rescue (SAR)
326.150 Nationwide Air-Ground Working Primary
345.000 Nationwide Air-to-Ground Primary
379.050 Nationwide Air-Ground Working Secondary

And finally for my HF friends here are some USB freqs to get you started. You will also find additional Coast Guard traffic on the Customs COTHEN net. See the link in the Milcom Reference Room for freqs/ ALE addresses and much more.

Coast Guard HF Air-to-Ground (USB)
3120.0 5692.0 5696.0 8980.0 8983.0 11196.0 11199.0 11202.0 13218.0 13221.0 15082.0 15085.0 15088.0 17988.0 17991.0 kHz