Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blue Angel Update

On November 2, this blog reported that one of the Blue Angels pilots had been ground pending an administrative hearing for inappropriate behavior with another female squadron member (see http://mt-milcom.blogspot.com/2008/11/blue-angels-lose-jet-after-2-members.html)

According to Captain Tyson Dunkelberger, the BA public affairs officer, the unit will be flying a five aircraft formation for the remainder of the 2008 airshow season, starting with last weekend's Lackland Airfest 08 in San Antonio.

The five-plane demonstration will employ a diamond formation without the "slot" position, but Dunkelberger was quick to point out that the loss of Blue Angel No. 4 in the show did not necessarily mean that the pilot who has flown in that position during this season is involved in the inappropriate relationship.

The mystery has been short-lived. As mentioned above the team flew over the weekend in San Antonio, minus the flyer in question and his absence was obvious to anyone in attendance holding a show program.

Major Clint Harris, USMC, the #4 or slot pilot, was absent from the formation in San Antonio. However, a spokesman for the team would not confirm that Major Harris was the pilot removed from the team, but logic dictates he is probably one of the parties involved in the pending legal action at NAS Pensacola.