Friday, January 16, 2009

US Navy Leap Frogs 2009 Schedule

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US Navy Leap Frogs 2009 Performance Schedule
This schedule is subject to change without notice.

March 7-14 Phoenix, AZ - SEAL Fitness Challenge
March 31-April 2 Virginia Beach, VA - Virginia Beach Wrestling Camp
April 6-10 Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Phillies and high schools
April 20-27 St. Louis, MO - Navy Week
April 30-May 3 NAS/JRB New Orleans, LA - Nawlins Air Show 2009
May 4-9 Dallas, TX - SEAL Fitness Challenge
May 15-16 Baltimore, MD - Preakness Horse Race
May 25-June 1 Janesville, WI - Navy Week
June 15-21 Pittsburgh, PA - SEAL Fitness Challenge
June 26 -28 Grand Forks AFB, ND - Grand Forks Air Show
July 17-18 Virginia Beach, VA - East Coast SEAL Reunion
July 31-August 2 Seattle, WA - Sea Fair
August 3-9 Seattle, WA - SEAL Fitness Challenge
August 13-16 Chicago, IL - Chicago Air and Water Show
August 15 San Diego, CA - West Coast SEAL Reunion
September 1-6 Columbus, OH - Ohio Navy Week
September 13-20 Detroit, MI - Metro SEAL Fitness Challenge
October 7-12 Hawaii - Ironman World Championships
October 13-15 Oahu, HI - Oahu high schools
October 16-18 Kaneohe Bay, HI - Kaneohe Bay Air Show
November 6-7 Ft. Pierce, FL - UDT/SEAL Muster
December 12 Philadelphia, PA - Army/Navy Game