Friday, August 07, 2009

Milair Frequency Changes - 8/7/2009

And the overhaul of the 138-144/148-150.8 MHz to a new bandplan continues. If you are not familiar with what is happening, I have written about this several times in my Monitoring Times Milcom column. In fact, I have some major updates on this and a new 380-400 MHz TRS in the southwest U.S. in my September Milcom column in Monitoring Times magazine. Miss one issue and you miss a lot that is NOT published on this blog or anywhere else. A MT Express (electronic edition) sub is only $19.95 a year (one heck of a bargain). You can order your sub at

So now it is time again for a quick, one freq installment of our exclusive aero frequency changes, updates, listings and corrections from the Milcom MP Quik-Stop . . .

142.3000 Eglin AFB FL Pilot to Dispatcher (PTD), ex-139.3000 MHz

Based on previous moves from 139.3000 MHz to this frequency, I can now positively confirm that both 139.3000 MHz and 142.3000 MHz are AM mode Pilot to Dispatcher frequencies nationwide (within CONUS) and both should be part of your milair scanner loadout.