Saturday, January 15, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - 14 Jan 2011 - Baltimore MD

Ron Perron checks in with some Milair logs form his Baltimore MD monitoring post.

(Times UTC, Freqs KHz)

NOTE: Overall HF propagations conditions here in Maryland were terrible all day --as they have been for the last few days

05732.0 2338Z After ALE handshake w/Service Center CG 1502 in pp w/Clearwater Air Ops (not heard). CG 1502 advises they will RTB.

08983.0 181Z CamsLant Chesapeake w/CG 2113 (HU-25D CGAS Miami FL) who reports "ops normal".

08983.0 2115Z CamsLant w/CG 2128 (HU-25D CGAS Miami FL) who reports airborne from CGAS Miami w/5 POB for local training mission. CamsLant using his overmodulated xmitter--hard to understand.

08983.0 2151Z N06 (HC-144A # 2306 CGAS Miami FL) calling CamsLant w/no response.

08983.0 2309Z CamsLant calling CG 2306 (HC-144A CGAS Miami) w/no response.

08983.0 2335Z CamsLant calling CG 1500 (HC-130H CGAS Clearwater FL) & CG 1502 (HC-130H CGAS Clearwater FL) w/no response

08992.0 1832Z Footfall/Football (prob TACAMO) w/EAM G2L3AS. Signal weak here in Maryland.

08992.0 1835Z Andrews w/EAM G2EIWZ.

08992.0 1846Z Puerto Rico w/Otis 51 (KC-130J VMGR-252, MCAS Cherry Point, NC) in radio checks.

09025.0 2124Z After ALE handshake Sentry 60 (E-3B AWACS 964th AACS/ 552nd ACW Tinker AFB, OK) in pp w/Raymond 24 (552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK CP) passing formatted report.