Thursday, January 06, 2011

Milcom Blog Logs - 5 Jan 2011 - Baltimore MD

Ron Perron checks in with some Milair logs form his Baltimore MD monitoring post.

ACY-Atlantic City NJ
ADW- Andrews AFB MD
BW- Bay Watch-NAS PAX Area Advisory Control
DAA- Davison AAF, Ft Belvoir VA
DCA- Reagan National Airport/CGAS Washington, Wash DC
GK- Giantkiller (FACSFAC, Virginia Capes)
LFI- Langley AFB VA
MTN-Martin State Airport, Baltimore
NGTF-Northrop-Grumman Test Facility, Baltimore
NTPS- Naval Test Pilot School, PAX
NXX- Willow Grove JRB PA
PAX-NAS Patuxent River MD
PTC- Potomac Area TRACON
ZDC- Washington ARTCC

1. VHF/UHF: ((Times are EST))

0805- Reach 398-depart ADW.
0812- Reach ??0T (first part missed)-depart ADW.
0820- Spock 51 (F-22, LFI)-check into W386 (238.1).
0822- Navy 400 (VC-37B, VR-1 ADW)-check in w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)
0841- Reach 493- w/Brickyard CP (KWRI-134.1) w/inbound msg.
0907- Angry flt (3 X F-16s, 121st FS DC ANG ADW)-depart ADW (348.725) then ops checks on sqdn freq (143.6). Check into W107 (255.0) for MARSA w/Bully flt (4 X F-16s, 121st FS DC ANG ADW)
0911- Venus 23 (C-20C # 86-0203, 99th AS ADW)-w/Griffin CP (378.1) w/departure msg. Advises Griffin CP that they are the alert acft today and will be doing local work at Harrisburg & Lancaster airports.
0914- Devil 10 (F-16, 119th FS NJ ANG ACY)-w/ZDC Coyle (254.3)
0915- SAM 8768 (99th AS ADW)-depart ADW (118.675)
0916- CAP 1828 (prob Cessna 172, MD Civil Air Patrol MTN)-on patrol over Chesapeake Bay & Eastern Shore (149.275). Returns to MTN at 0945.
0921- Reach 2204-w/ZNY Middletown (322.4)
0925- Bully flt (4 X F-16s, 121st FS DC ANG ADW)-depart ADW (348.725) then w/PTC (314.725).
0926- Score 16 (unid, VX-20 PAX)-check in w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)
0927- Royal 50 (C-17A, 436th AMW DOV)-w/DOV approach (132.425).
0950- Venus 30 (C-40 # 01-0040 99th AS ADW)-w/Griffin CP (378.1) w/departure msg---will return in 4 hours.
1001- Reach 838-land at ADW.
1002- Evac 38875-depart ADW.
1012- MD ANG A-10C (104th FS MD ANG MTN)-w/Raven Ops (347.2) reporting problem with landing gear. Will RTB MTN and wing man will chase lead back for landing then will continue on to Warren Grove for CAS training.
1018- Score 436 (unid, VX-20 PAX)-w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)
1019- Unid T-38C (no call noted)-w/NTPS Ops (264.15) advising they've been notified of a problem with one of the runways at PAX so will head over to Wallops Island VA for some pattern work until the problem is cleared up. Advises that Wallops can support T-38s and will get some gas.
1022- Axeman flt (2 X A-10Cs, 104th FS MD ANG MTN)-w/BW (270.8)
1024- PAT 4147-w/PTC (118.675).
1035- Colt flt (2 X A-10Cs, 104th FSA MD ANG MTN)w/BW (256.5) establish block alts in R4006 & deconflicting w/Axeman flt. Colts in CAS w/simulated JDAMs & 30mm cannons.
1433- PAT 694-land at ADW or DAA
1636- Crab 57 (C-130J # 98-1357, 135th AS MD ANG MTN)-w/Crab Ops (384.1) w/inbound msg.
1643- SPAR 28 (C-37A # 01-0028 310th AS, MacDill AFB FL)-land at ADW.
1644- Rogue (sounds like) 60 (unid helo)-w/PAX approach (120.05)
1658- Blackjack 1& 2 (HH-65Cs CGAS Wash DCA)-w/ADW tower (118.4) requesting block 2-4,000 for intercept training in ADW area.
1705- PAT 887-depart ADW.
1715- DeeCee 32 (KC-135R, 756th ARS ADW)-w/Liberator Ops (351.2) coordinating AAR primary and secondary freqs as well as primary TACAN freq for interplane use.
1736- Irony 08 (Cessna 172, DOV Flying Club)-pattern work at DOV (132.425 & 126.35)
1757- Reach 3119-land at DOV.
1808- PAT 7104-w/PTC (118.675)