Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Navy's Centennial of Naval Aviation Aircraft Heritage Paint Schemes

From our friend Mike down in the FLA:

A former Navy pilot friend of mine happened to send a power point listing of Navy aircraft that will be (or have been) painted in Heritage paint schemes in honor of the Navy's Centennial of Naval Aviation.

The aircraft will be repainted as the selected aircraft is scheduled for maintenance. Schedule for completion is March 2011. Might be worth watching for these during the upcoming airshow season. Found photos of most of the completed aircraft here:

Here are the BuNo's and squadrons for the aircraft from above:
163656 T-45C TAW-2 Kingsville NAS
160984 T-44A VT-31 Corpus Christi NAS
165523 T-39N CTW-6 Pensacola NAS
161841 T-34C TAW-4 Corpus Christi NAS
164172 T-34C TAW-5 Whiting Field NAS
164169 T-34C TAW-5 Whiting Field NAS
166064 T-6B TAW-5 Whiting Field NAS
160581 S-3B VX-30 Point Mugu NAS (PMTR)
166323 MH-60S HSC-3 North Island NAS
166524 MH-60R HSM-41 North Island NAS
163787 HH-60H HSC-84 Norfolk NS
162866 F/A-18A VFA-204 New Orleans NAS
166899 EA-18G VAQ-129 Whidbey Island NAS
161197 TC-12B VT-35 Corpus Christi NAS

Not shown:
162064 TH-57 TAW-5 Whiting Field NAS - Earliest standard naval insignia on aircraft was this anchor, seen as early as 1914

Awaiting painting:
158206 P-3C PATWING 10 Whidbey Island - Black/White (waiting, Jax NAS)
160770 P-3C PATWING 2 Hawaii - Seaplane Gray/White (in paint at Jax NAS)
161591 P-3C PATWING 11 Jax NAS - "Strawberry 5" (waiting, Nippi)
165966 T-6A CTW-6 P-Cola - Gloss Sea Blue (waiting, Jax NAS)
160609 EA-6B VAQ-129 Whidbey Island - Coral Sea scheme (in paint Whidbey Island)
164673 F/A-18C VFC-12 Norfolk - Gloss Sea Blue WWII (waiting, North Island NAS)
163733 F/A-18C VFA-122 Lemoore - Blue/Blue/White WWII (in paint, Jax NAS)
TBD F/A-18A VX-31 China Lake - Heritage China Lake Test Scheme (in paint, Fallon)
158270 UH-1N HMLAT-303 Camp Pendleton - Major Pless MoH aircraft (in paint, Camp Pendleton)