Monday, August 19, 2013

The Reach 802 Callsign Mystery

Over the last few months I have noticed and interesting set of call signs being used by US Air Force C-17 aircraft attached to the 437AW based at Charleston AFB, SC.

Some of these aircraft are occasionally using the Reach 802 followed by a single letter. Given that more than one serial has used the same call sign and I have seen the same call sign used more than once, this would seem to indicate these calls are assigned to a particular mission or route (my best guess).

One thing I have thought about is some sort of repeated shuttle mission to various bases on a regular basis by the C-17s of the 437AW. Each letter would represent a route or mission to a particular base on a regular basis. This style of call sign reminds me of that sort of flights with a similar call sign set that the 437AW use to fly several years ago.

So if any of my readers has an answer to the Reach 802 mystery calls please email at the address in the header.

Reach 0802A 97-0041 AE07F3
Reach 0802B 03-3122 AE1233
Reach 0802B 95-0104 AE07E7
Reach 0802C 01-0189 AE10B8
Reach 0802C 10-0213 AE4D66
Reach 0802C 95-0104 AE07E7
Reach 0802C 04-4129 AE1239
Reach 0802D 07-7184 AE20C5
Reach 0802D 09-9207 AE49C3
Reach 0802E 02-1099 AE1171
Reach 0802E 02-1101 AE1173
Reach 0802E 03-3124 AE1235
Reach 0802E 07-7184 AE20C5
Reach 0802E 89-1192 AE07D0
Reach 0802F 01-0189 AE10B8
Reach 0802F 94-0069 AE07E3
Reach 0802F 95-0107 AE07EA
Reach 0802G 07-7181 AE20C2
Reach 0802H 01-0189 AE10B8
Reach 0802H 08-8189 AE10B8
Reach 0802H 10-0222 AE4F16
Reach 0802K 03-3124 AE1235
Reach 0802K 96-0002 AE07EC
Reach 0802L 95-0107 AE07EA
Reach 0802M 01-0189 AE10B8
Reach 0802M 96-0002 AE07EC
Reach 0802N 09-9208 AE49C4
Reach 0802N 98-0054 AE0800
Reach 0802P 89-1192 AE07D0
Reach 0802Q 09-9206 AE49C2
Reach 0802S 09-9206 AE49C2
Reach 0802T 88-0266 AE07CC
Reach 0802T 89-1189 AE07CD
Reach 0802T 98-0054 AE0800
Reach 0802U 96-0002 AE07EC
Reach 0802V 92-3293 AE07D7
Reach 0802W 88-0266 AE07CC