Monday, August 26, 2013

Milcom Blog Logs - COTHEN 25 Aug 2013

Another day with a HF rig here on the radio ranch on the CBP/CG COTHEN network. Below are the results of that monitor session. Best freq during the 24 hour period was 5732.0 kHz.

Intercepts By Frequency (kHz)
Modes included ANDVT/USB Clear Voice/ALE

  5732.0 702 706 715 KCM LNT N15 NLP OMNI PAC SLP TSC VGS
  5909.5 706 715 K62 KCM N15 PAC
  7527.0 004 715 ICB K38 LNT N15 P30 PAC
  8912.0 003 82M 706 715 ICB LNT LUV N15 NZ1 PAC TSC
10242.0 BCQ ICB
11494.0 004 715 LNT N05 N10 NZ1 T5Q
12222.9 07Z LNT N03 N05 N10 N15 T5Q VGS
13312.0 004 07Z D48 J43 LNT N03 N05 N10 N15 PR1
13907.0 004 D48 ICB LNT N10 T5Q
14582.0 004 715 EST N05 PAC TSC
15867.0 715 PAC
18594.0 715 D48 J27 K62 N05 N15 NZ1 PAC
20890.0 D48 T5Q WST
24838.5 004 D48

Stations Monitored Milcom MP Cumulative List

003    USCG CG 2003 HC-130J CGAS Elizabeth City NC
004    USCG CG 2004 HC-130J CGAS Elizabeth City NC
07Z    USCG District 7 Miami, FL (Voice call Miami Ops)
19E    Unknown
82M   Unknown
702    USCG CG 1702 HC-130H CGAS Sacramento CA
706    USCG CG 1706 HC-130H CGAS Clearwater FL
715    USCG CG 1715 HC-130H Listed as Kodiak but may be in the SE US now
A47   CBP 82-23747 UH-60A El Paso AU TX
BCQ  USCG USCGC Bertholf (WMSL-750)
D08   CBP N808MR Bombardier Q400
D45   CBP N145CS Buno 155299 "Blue Eagle" Jacksonville AMB FL
D48   CBP N148CS/Buno No. 154575 P-3B AEW&C Corpus Christi AMB TX
EST   CBP AMOC Regional Communications Node Eastern US
F05    USCG CG 2105 HU-25D CGAS Corpus Chriisti (NAS Corpus Christi) TX
ICB    USCG USCGC Forward (WMEC 911) (NICB)
J02     USCG CG 6002 MH-60J CGAS Cape Cod (Otis ANGB) MA
J09     USCG CG 6009 MH-60J CGAS Cape Cod (Otis ANGB) MA
J21     USCG CG 6021 MH-60J Unknown
J27     USCG CG 6027 MH-60T ATC Mobile, AL
J42     USCG CG 6042 MH-60J CGAS Cape Cod (Otis ANGB) MA
J43     USCG CG 6043 MH-60T CGAS Elizabeth City NC
K09   USCG CG 6509 MH-65C CGAS Detroit MI
K38   USCG CG 6538 MH-65C CGAS Houston, TX
K62   USCG CG 6562 MH-65D CGAS Savannah GA
K82   USCG CG 6582 MH-65C CGAS Borinquen PR
KCM  CBP COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter Raleigh NC
L06    USCG CG 6606 MH-65C CGAS Miami (Opa Locka Executive) FL
LUV   CBP COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter Lovelock NV
N03   USCG CG 2303 HC-144A CGAS Cape Cod (Otis ANGB) MA
N05   USCG CG 2305 HC-144A ATC Mobile, AL
N10   USCG CG 2310 HC-144A CGAS Miami (Opa Locka Executive) FL
N15   USCG CG 2315 HC-144A CGAS Cape Cod (Otis ANGB) MA
NLP  Unknown
NZ1  CBP Unknown location probable grnd stn/remote
OMNI  CBP COTHEN Remote Omnidirectional Transmitter, Omaha NE
OPB  CBP OPBAT Services Center Nassau, Bahamas Voice Call Panther
P30  USCG CGAS Remote Command Console CGAS Houston TX (tentative ID)
P31  USCG CGAS Remote Command Console Detroit, MI
PR1  CBP COTHEN Puerto Rico HF Omni Directional Remote Punta Salinas (Islote) PR
SLP  Unknown
T5Q  Unknown Trigraph
TSC  CBP Customs National Law Enforcement Communications Center -- Technical Service Center
          Orlando FL Voice Call Service Center
VGS  CBP COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter Logandale NV
WST  CBP AMOC West Regional Communications Node March ARB CA Hammer AICC
Z14    USCG Sector Remote Communications Consoles St. Petersburg FL
Z15    USCG Sector Remote Communications Consoles San Juan PR