Sunday, January 31, 2016

Interesting times on HFGCS

Most ute monitors usually do not pay any attention to the message traffic that is passed on the DoD JCS HFGCS HF radio system. We have Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) and Skyking aka Foxtrot message traffic (see my detailed discussion of these messages on this blog at

Recently things have become more interesting. Instead of a 3-character message that has been the staple of the Foxtrot messages since forever, they have now started using creative code words. The last three days Foxtrot message traffic have consisted of  Springstein, Santana, and now this morning Hendrix.

It also looks like we have gone back to our Cold War roots and have started using tac code words calls for various HFGCS stations when transmitting these EAM and Foxtrot message traffic when transmitting on this net. Prior to this you would have heard Andrews, Offutt, McClellan or one of the other HFGCS stations worldwide using their location as the identifier.

In addition, we have some other HF RF indicators being seen throughout the HF spectrum that would indicate that things are changing in the mil HF world.

So who says that HF is dead hasn't either turned on a receiver lately or monitored the right frequencies.

If you want to hear what is going on the HFGCS netork, check out my freq list at

Maybe someone four years ago didn't have their foreign policy stuck in the 1980s.

Chief Sends