Friday, July 06, 2018

Mystery Solved - Civil Air Patrol PARD Call Sign

I love a good mystery, but this one is starting to wear on my last good nerve. For years I have known about the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) PARD ## call signs. But I am still not sure a what it is being used for. Anybody that may have a hint or two can contact me at the email address in the masthead.

Now starting to see this call sign show up in the Mode-S c/s field (see below):

A85446    N636CP    PARD23    2018-05-14 18:27:02    CESSNA 182T    Morgantown WV
A9C53B   N729CP    PARD23    2018-06-08 13:22:26    CESSNA 182T   Gaithersburg MD
A85BB4   N638CP    PARD51    2018-04-16 19:02:16    CESSNA 182T   Hanging Dog NC
A857FD   N637CP    PARD61    2018-05-25 14:26:19    CESSNA 182T   Double Oak, TX
AA055D   N745CP    PARD61    2018-02-23 18:14:09    CESSNA 182T   Houston, TX
AA055D   N745CP    PARD61    2018-04-20 17:19:02    CESSNA 182T   Cary, NC
AD879C   N971CP    PARD61    2018-01-17 22:42:17    CESSNA 182T   Marvell, AR
A35236    N313CP    PARD81    2018-06-16 15:07:02    CESSNA 182T    Seattle WA
A35236    N313CP    PARD88    2018-02-23 17:15:03    CESSNA 182T    McClellan CA
Mystery Solved

And from an unofficial online unclassified source the PARD c/s is used by CAP State Directors.

Thanks Steve for the heads up.