Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another Interesting DoD Hex Hole Range Uncovered

Graphic courtesy of Buzz Feed

From time to time after extensive research I occasionally uncover some interesting holes in the Mode-S hex addresses used by the Department of Defense. Recently I have been researching the AE5B4A-AE5B66 hex code range which I have identified as a DoD hex hole range.

This range may be a F-35 fighter aircraft hex block. To my monitor friends, especially you guys in the Las Vegas area, please keep a close eye on this range and report any of the codes you might see on your boxes.

Speaking of Buzz Feed (the graphic at the top of this post), I am sure you will find the article We Trained A Computer To Search For Hidden Spy Planes. This Is What It Found at

Government and Military surveillance aircraft often keep a low profile: The FBI, for example, registers its planes to fictitious companies to mask their true identity. BuzzFeed News trained a computer to find them by letting a machine-learning algorithm sift for planes with flight patterns that resembled those operated by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Last year, we reported on aerial surveillance by these planes, mapping thousands of flights over more than four months from mid-August to the end of December 2015. From planes tracking drug traffickers to those testing new spying technology, US airspace is buzzing with surveillance aircraft operated for law enforcement and the military.

Interesting read!