Friday, August 10, 2018

Milcom Field Report Jack Metcalfe in KY: August 9-10, 2018

Another field Report from our good friend Jack Metcalfe in KY. Thanks Jack for sharing.

8032.0 US Military stations LIGHTHOUSE & PENGUIN, doubling as they called each other. LIGHTHOUSE looking for aircraft that have checked in with unid station: 1454 UTC in USB voice 09AUG18 (JLM)

8032.0 US Military station LIGHTHOUSE now advising any aircraft attempting to call LIGHTHOUSE on (VHF Air frequency), to switch to (VHF Low frequency) & if no joy there, contact STEEL GATE. LIGHTHOUSE HQ also heard calling "any station this net": 1508 UTC in USB voice 09AUG18 (JLM)

7821.0 ANDVT transmission & a strong one at that: 1509 UTC in USB 09AUG18 (JLM)

8038.5 US Military station (probable helo) R08431 calling & linking with B7770 in USB ALE. R08431, who had earlier identified in voice as AIR TEST, asked GROUND TEST (B7770) what tail number he was seeing for AIR TEST in the ALE link. GROUND TEST replied "R08431", AIR TEST acknowledged that & said he'd be back in contact shortly. 1520 UTC in USB voice & ALE 09AUG18 (JLM)

7815.5 ANDVT transmission & another strong signal. Might have been on 7815.4 or 7815.6, but not enough time to make that determination: 1525 UTC in USB 09AUG18 (JLM)

6200.0 BAT calling TM1 & TM3. All stations unid for me: 0029-0216 UTC in USB ALE 10AUG18 (JLM)

3345.0 R23970, UH-60A#84-23970, 1-131st Avn, AL ArNG, Dannelly Field, Montgomery, AL (Thanks Ron!) sounding. I don't think I've seen NG helo activity here before. Also sounding on 9122.5 The US Army COE has used both 3345.0 & 9122.5 in the past & continues to use 9122.5: 0039-0040 UTC in USB ALE 10AUG18 (JLM)
Jack L. Metcalfe - Stanford, KY
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