Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Milcom Field Report - Ron in MD COTHEN 25 July - 31 July 2018

Freqs (all USB): 

COTHEN (5250, 5732, 5909.5, 7527, 8912, 10242, 11494,12222,13312, 13907, 14582, 15867, 18594,  20890, 24838.5)
Commsta Kodiak ALE Net: 3053, 4730, 6709, 9034, 11196, 13221, 15082, 17988, 20135.6, 23072.6 

25 July 2018 - Logs from KiwiSDRs in Canada & Mass
17Z - USCG District 17 Ops Juneau AK calling J29 (USCG MH-60T #6039 CGAS Kodiak AK)
41M--USCG Response Boat-Medium 45741
BRF--USCGC OSPREY  WPB 87307 NBRF Port Townsend WA. NOTE: USCGC Osprey was last located by Ship Tracker on 18 July on patrol south of Juneau AK.
GDF--USCGC MUNRO  WHEC 724 NGDF Kodiak AK NOTE: At 2000Z 25 July Ship Tracker had USCGC Munro docked in Alameda CA.
M803--Unknown CBP Interceptor Boat
OPB - OPBAT Ops Center, Nassau, Bahamas calling A64 (CBP UH-60M tail #08-27173, N72764  Miami AMB)
P16 - USCG COTHEN Remote Command Console CGAS Miami FL w/75G (USCG Response Boat-Medium) & TSC1 (Technical Service Center). After handshake, in voice, speaker id's self as Air Station Miami.
TSC - Technical Service Center and COTHEN Remote Transmitter, Orlando, FL w/ZVE (USCGC  ALERT WMEC 630 NZVE Astoria, OR). After handshake, in voice, ZVE wants to confirm that they are transmitting in DVT 5. Service Center confirms DVT 5 then follows w/encrypted signal.
Z27 - USCG Sector San Francisco - San Francisco, CA w/9SA (USCG acft on law enforcement mission). NOTE: ADS-B is showing CG 6563 (MH-65D CGAS San Francisco CA) in low level acty in vicinity of San Francisco at same time 9SA is transmitting on COTHEN.

26 July 2018 - Logs from KiwiSDRs in Canada & Mass
IKL calling 74G (USCG Response Boat-Medium)
IKL-USCGC TAMPA WMEC 902 NIKL Portsmouth, VA. NOTE: As of 8 Jul the USCGC Tampa had transited the Panama Canal and was located at the Pacific end of the Canal.
L06--MH-65D #6606 CGAS Humboldt Bay CA 
Z15  - USCG Sector San Juan - San Juan, PR) w/29M (USCG Response Boat-Medium 45729)

27 July 2018 - Logs from KiwiSDRs in Canada & Mass
716 (USCG HC-130H7 #1716 CGAS Barbers Point HI) calling Z32 (USCG Sector Honolulu HI)
FSE (unid) calling A8K (unid)
WST (CBP AMOC Western Regional Communications Node) calling T5J (unid CBP acft)

28 July 2018 - Logs from KiwiSDRs in Canada & Mass

08X (USCG HC-27J CGAS Sacramento CA) clg SND COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter  Poss San Diego CA
FRE calling N07 (USCG HC-144B #23-7 ATC Mobile  AL)
I75--CBP CESSNA 550 #N6775C
TSC (Technical Service Center and COTHEN Remote Transmitter, Orlando, FL) calling FRE (USCGC Forrest Rednour  WPC 1129  San Pedro CA) NOTE: The Rednour is currently undergoing sea trials prior to commissioning.

30 July 2018 - Logs from KiwiSDRs in Texas & Canada
AXN--USCGC FLYING FISH  WPB 87346 NAXN Boston MA. NOTE: position is 36.96423 N / 76.12977 W on Jul 30, 2018 23:44 UTC--just off entrance to Newport News/Hampton Roads VA.

31 July 2018 - Logs from KiwiSDRs in Texas & Canada
701--USCG HC-130H7 #1701 CGAS Kodiak AK
MAG--USCGC HAMILTON WMSL 753 NMAG Charleston SC. NOTE: On 31 Jul Ship Tracker shows USCGC Hamilton docked at Port Everglades FL.
NMH (USCG Washington, DC) calling AF4 (unid)
NOJ w/GDF (USCGC Douglas MUNRO  WHEC 724 NGDF Kodiak AK). After ALE handshake clear voice R/Cs w/USCGC Douglas Munro.
NOJ (USCG COMMDET Kodiak, AK remotely operated by COMMCOM, Chesapeake, VA) w/J39 (USCG MH-60T  CGAS Kodiak AK), J10 (USCG MH-60T #6010 CGAS Astoria OR), J04 (USCG MH-60T #6004 CGAS Kodiak AK)
RLT--USCGC RESOLUTE  WMEC 620 NRLT St Petersburg FL. NOTE: On 20 Jul Ship Tracker had USCGC Resolute off the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal.
RPM--USCGC LEGARE  WMEC 912 NRPM Portsmouth VA. NOTE: On 31 Jul Ship Tracker showed USCGC Legare departing Charleston Harbor SC.
Z06 (USCG Sector Delaware - Philadelphia, PA) calling DOH (USCGC Lawrence Lawson  WPC 1120 NDOH Cape May, NJ)