Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Milcom Blog Logs - 12/17/2008 - Mid Atlantic

Here are some excellent intercepts sent to MMP by our Maryland Mid Atlantic reporter Ron Perron. Ron, thanks for sharing them with our MMP readers.

(Times UTC, Freqs KHz)

09106.0 KBPNNN (Navy/Marine MARS): 1435 USB/ALE sounding.

09106.0 WWLNNN (Navy/Marine MARS): 1447 USB/ALE sounding.

09106.0 034MERCAP (Civil Air Patrol, Middle East Region): 1501 USB/ALE sounding.

09106.0 OARNNN (Navy/Marine MARS): 1519 USB/ALE sounding.

14396.5 AFA3HY (USAF MARS, Kansas-NCS) & NNNVUV (Navy/Marine MARS, CA-Alternate NCS): 1535 USB w/weekly SHARES admin net voice check ins--WGY9498 (FEMA); KHA908 (NASA, Moffett CA).

11108.0 FC8FEM (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 8, Denver CO): 1547 USB/ALE sounding.

11108.0 FC6FEM (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 6, Denton, TX): 1612
USB/ALE sounding.

08045.6 JES (unid): 1703 USB/ALE calling EDK (unid).

08045.6 GHM (unid): 1735 USB/ALE calling MHE (unid).

08045.6 RVH (unid): 1755 USB/ALE calling JES (unid).

08045.6 LXV (unid): 1849 USB/ALE sounding.