Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - HF Feb 22-24, 2010 - Mid Atlantic

Our regular MMP reporter Ron P in the Mid Atlantic checks in again with his military/government HF logs from Feb 22-24. All times UTC and Frequencies in kHz.

22 Feb:

09047.0 054NHQCAP (Civil Air Patrol HQs, Maxwell AFB AL): 0500 USB/ALE sounding.

09047.0 060PCRCAP (Civil Air Patrol Pacfic Coast Region): 1200 USB/ALE sounding.

09047.0 0042NHCAP (Civil Air Patrol,New Hampshire): 1232 USB/ALE sounding.

15867.0 HIC (USCGC VIGILANT WMEC 617 Cape canaveral FL): 1308 USB/ALE sounding.

20890.0 RPM (USCGC LEGARE WMEC 912 Portsmouth VA): 1310 USB/ALE sounding.

08912.0 312 (USCGC Sanibel, WPB 1312 Woods Hole, MA): 1346 USB/ALE calling Z03 (USCG Sector Southeastern New England).

08912.0 KVQ (USCGC NANTUCKET WPB 1316 St Petersburg FL): 1615 USB/ALE calling TSC (US Customs National Law Enforcement Communications Center -- Technical Service Center, Orlando, FL).

08912.0 Z13 (USCG Sector Key West, FL): 1636 USB/ALE calling TSC.

08912.0 DCK (USCGC Sanibel, WPB 1312 Woods Hole, MA): 1925 USB/ALE calling Z03 (USCG Sector Southeastern New England) then in voice Sector advises they have the Sanibel L/C then go into ANDVT. Also on 7527.0.

08912.0 Z12 (USCG Sector Miami FL): 1929 USB/ALE w/BNW (USCG SITKINAK WPB 1329 Key West FL) then in ANDVT & voice.

23 Feb:

09047.0 AAPRIV (unid): 0800 USB/ALE sounding.

08340.0 4T8S (Venezuelan Navy LST/Capana class "Esequibo" T-62): 1333 LSB/ALE calling T8R1 (HQs, Venezuelan Navy).

09110.0 NMF (USCG Boston MA): 1858 FAX w/wind & wave forecast chart.

11253.0 RAF Wharton: 1902 USB w/volmet.

07535.0 SESEF Mayport: 2113 USB w/Charm (USS Wasp - LHD 1) testing various comms systems. Thanks to Jack M. for tip.

24 Feb:

04306.0 FC6FEM010 (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 6, Denton TX): 0052 USB/ALE sounding.

04490.0 KGD34 (HARES Master Coordination Station:Arlington, VA): 1300 USB/ALE sounding.

04490.0 KMN93 (US Department of State:Springfield, VA): 1320 USB/ALE sounding.

08346.5 O/M (Spanish): 2205 USB w/O/M (Spanish).

08870.0 O/M (Australian EE): 2248 USB w/O/M (Australian EE). Out-of-band acty.

08290.0 T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 2330 LSB/ALE calling 1W1S (Capana-class Medium Landing Ship " Capana", T-61).

08279.0 O/M (Spanish): 2345 USB w/O/M (Spanish).

11175.0 McClellan: 2357 USB w/King 24 (USAF HC-130) w/pp to DSN 467-XXXX (unid Metro) w/request for 0130Z wx at Montgomery AL, Birmingham AL & Huntsville AL.