Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Milcom Air Show Report - 2010 MacDill AFB Airfest

Chris from Clearwater, Florida, has filed our first 2010 air show report from the MacDill Airfest 2010. Remember if you attend an airshow we need your reports to prepare next year's MT Annual AirShow Guide that will appear in the March 2011 issue of Monitoring Times. You can send them to me using the address in the masthead or via my published MT email address.

For those of you who did not purchase this year's edition or are not a subscriber, we will post the full article to the MT website - 2010 MT Air Show Guide sometime in late April or early May.

Macdill AFB, Airfest 2010. March 20 & 21, 2010 field report

123.1500 discrete (otto, US SOCom parachute)
126.1500 Airboss (this & discrete freq have been the same at MacDill for many years)
136.6750 heritage air-to-air (P51/F15)
376.0250 F-15 Demo

Blue Angels:
139.8100* Com Cart/ maintenance - used all day long
142.6100* spotter - used just before and during show, talks to tower/airboss & reports airspace intruders (badgers)

*note: these freq's are listed as .##25 in the airshow list, however the scanner
I brought did not do those steps.

237.8000 Solo a2a when not in the box
275.3500 Diamond air-to-air when not in the box
284.2500 Used when in the box (aka performing manuvers) diamond/solo/delta
346.5000 Pre-show checklist


141.5625 was monitored, however it sounded like base security/medical and not Blue angels related.

Fat Albert (bert) did not fly for the show, the aircraft used as Bert this weekend was a gray c130 (US Marines) and not the normal blue/white painted one.