Monday, February 11, 2019

Hex Hole Codes AE56EB-AE5717

Image result for f-35 lightning ii

This is just one of the interesting ADS-B hex code hole ranges that we are watching real close here on the radio ranch. Have had a couple of interesting reveals recently.

Probable C-130J AE56EE Mode-S c/s Maffs 01, Vegas 910 (Squawk 4230)
F-35 AE56FF Mode-S c/s F35LTNG2
Knife 31 AE5709 Japan Mode-S c/s Knife 31
Beech C-12V Huron #10-00258 AE570B Mode-S c/s PAT 0xx-1xx, 00258
Beech C-12V Huron #10-00258 AE570F Mode-S c/s Wing ## DESTT, Duke 01/55-56, Emmo 06, MFO692, PAT 0xx - 9xx/217A, R00258, Superman

Everything else in this range is up for grabs. If you get anything within any of the hex ranges below, I would like to hear from you.


For the record, the hex codes above are sandwiched between an Air Force hex code block and a US Navy hex code block.