Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Venezuela Navy Update - 26 Feb 19

Our friend Ron Perron has sent over the following update on the latest communications from the Venezuelan Navy. "Have been listening via Kiwisdr in Bonaire to 6248.0 LSB Venezuelan Navy most of the day."  Voice call heard:

1VX7 -- ALE Address -- Mariscal-sucre class frigate F-22 "Almirante Brion"
2KZ9 -- ALE Address -- Naval Base "Amario"
3SK5 -- Unidentified station
Amario -- Naval Base "Amario"
Brion -- Mariscal-sucre class frigate F-22 "Almirante Brion"
Capana -- Capana-class Medium Landing Ship T-61 " Capana"
Comendancia --Shore Entity
Comera -- Unidentified station
Comoran -- Gavion-class patrol vessel PC-405 "Comoran"
Conaco -- Shore Entity
Serreta -- Gavion-class patrol vessel PC-405 "Serreta"
Federacion -- Constitucion-class Missile/Fast Attack Craft PC-12 "Federacion"
Karina -- Guiaqueri-class corvette PC-24 "Karina"
Sucre -- Mariscal-sucre class frigate F-21 "Almirante Mariscal-Sucre
Yavire -- Guaicamactu-class patrol vessel GC-22 "Yavire"
Yekuana -- Guiaqueri-class corvette PC-23 "Yekuana"

Traffic consists of radio checks, position reports for various vessels, encrypted formatted msgs,  patrol area and patrol times tasking.

Here is a sampler of the Ven Navy comms being heard on 06248.0 23 Feb 2019

1345Z-1500Z Conaco (O/M Spanish) LSB R/Cs w/Karina (Guagieri-class corvette " Karina"), Brion (O/M Spanish), Comera (O/M Spanish), Amario (Y/L Spanish). Digital modem trfc also heard.  Venezuelan Navy net.  "Amario" is Venezuelan Navy Base, Brion is Venezuelan Navy frigate F-22 "Almirante Brion" 

1420Z  1XV7 (Venezuelan Navy frigate F-22 "Almirante Brion") USB/ALE calling 2KZ9 (Venezuelan Navy Base "Amario").

1758Z  unid stn passes to Conaco  Latitude 11 degrees 30 mins North Longitude 068 degrees 44 mins East, course 120 , speed 10 (knots).

1800Z Conaso calling Federacion (Constitucion-class Missile/Fast Attack Craft PC-12) w/no response.

1813Z Conaco calling Commandante de Capana (Capana-class Medium Landing Ship " Capana", T-61). Yavire (Guaicamactu-class patrol vessel GC-22) w/Conaco. Conco w/Comoran (Gavion-calls patrol nessel PC-405 "Comoran")

Some additional data identifications:

JEMFT -- Possible Joint Task Force 18
COMPO-14 -- Commander Constitucion-class Missile/Fast Attack Craft PC-14 "Libertad"
COMF-22 -- Commander Mariscal-sucre class frigate F-22 "Almirante Brion"
COMPO13 -- Commander Constitucion-class Missile/Fast Attack Craft PC-13 "Indepencia"
COMGC22 -- Commander Guaicamactu-class patrol vessel GC-22 "Yavire"
COMPG411 -- Commander Gavion-class patrol vessel PC-411 "Pagaza"
COMPG412 -- Commander Gavion-class patrol vessel PC-412 "Serreta"
DINAOP -- Director of Naval Opertions
COMEDRA -- Comandante de la Escuadra, Fleet Command
COMGUARD -- Commander Venezuelan Coast Guard

Thanks, Ron and keep us posted.