Monday, December 24, 2007

Finally, a great FCC ULS search template has been found

The FCC is constantly screwing up, uh, I mean tweaking their ULS database search templates. As I have said on numerous occasions, if it ain't broke don't waste the taxpayers money by trying to fix it. Well finally one of the readers of this blog has passed along a search template I feel worthy of posting to this blog and adding to our Radio Reference Library Links.

So if you need to do some searching of the FCC database (no federal or military freqs in it), then point your browser to:

This template will give you more search flexiblity than any other I have seen posted around the Internet. It the only FCC template I have bookmarked. So I have a holiday message to those government employees responsible for designing these templates:

"Leave this one alone. Don't change a thing. It isn't broke now. Savey?"