Thursday, December 06, 2007

Russian Military High Command Freqs Busy

Trond J via the UDXF newsgroup reports that the Russian Naval High Command freqs remain active. Observations of Russian Navy/Nuclear forces broadcasts monitored this morning are below.

Broadcasts to RDL observed on VLF frequencies: 18.1 and 27.3 kHz
HF parallel frequencies to the 18.1 kHz broadcasts was on 7657.0 8130.0 9346.0 11468.0 12741.0 and 14411.0 kHz

Still no parallel frequencies have been found for the 27.3 kHz broadcasts, but since these broadcasts are most likely intended for Russian far-east facilities, Trond believes that those parallel HF frequencies would be hard to find/hear from his location.

A second chain of transmitters using T600 operate on 9224.0 12610.0 13490.0 and 14581.0 kHz, but are not operated in paralell to the RDL broadcasts above.

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