Monday, November 11, 2013

Mil Freq of the Week - 126.200 MHz

Ask any longtime mil monitor what military frequency assignment they would first think of in the civilian VHF aero band and that freq will probably be 126.200 MHz.

This is a nationwide military only frequency assignment and like many freqs in the two aero spectrums, it has undergone some changes. So as our first MilcomMP freq of the week I present 126.2 MHz.

USAF Barter Island AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Cape Newenham AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Cape Romanzof AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Cold Bay AK USAF Radar Assistance Service (AR-722)
USAF Fort Yukon AK USAF Radar Assistance Service (AR-719)
USAF Indian Mtn AK USAF Radar Assistance Service (AR-725)
USAF King Salmon AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Kotzbue AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Lonely AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Murphy Dome AK USAF Radar Assistance Service (AR-720)
USAF Oliktok AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Pt Barrow AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Sparrevohn AK USAF Radar Assistance Service (AR-721)
USAF Tatalina AK USAF Radar Assistance Service (AR-723/724)
USAF Tin City AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USAF Valdez AK USAF Radar Assistance Service
USA Fort Rucker/Cairns AAF AL KOZR Base Operations p/w 371.350 MHz
USA Redstone Arsenal/Redstone AAF AL KHUA Base Operations
USA Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center/Chaffee AAF AR KCCA Flight Advisory
USA Yuma Proving Ground/Laguna AAF AZ KLGF Tower/Airfield Advisory
CanForce CFB Comox BC CYQQ Tower p/w 358.100 MHz
USA Camp Roberts/Roberts AHP CA KSYL Flight Advisory
USA Fort Irwin National Training Center/Bicycle Lake AAF CA KBYS Flight Advisory p/w 281.450 MHz
USA Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation/Tusi AHP CA KHGT Flight Advisory
USN Laguna Peak CA NTD Flight Advisory
USA Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base/Los Alamitos AAF CA KSLI Flight Advisory
USMC MCAGCC Twentynine Palms CA KNXP Flight Advisory
USN NB Ventura County/NAS Point Mugu CA NTD Flight Advisory
USN San Nicolas Island CA NTD Flight Advisory
USN Santa Cruz Island CA NTD Flight Advisory
USA Sierra Army Depot/Amedee AAF CA KAHC Tower
USAF Fort Carson/Butts AAF CO KFCS Airburst Range (R-2601) Clearance
USN NOLF Saufley Field FL KNUN Airfield Advisory p/w 321.800 MHz
USA Fort Gordon GA GA26 Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
USA Fort Benning/Lawson AAF GA KLSF Base Operations/Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
USA Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF GA KSVN Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
USAF Andersen AFB GU PGUA Local Control
USN Barking Sands Naval Station/PMRF HI KBKH Approach Control
USAF Kalaeloa HI Approach Control
USA NG Camp Atterbury/Himsel AAF IN 11II Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)/Tower
USA Fort Leavenworth/Sherman AAF KS KFLV Tower
USA Fort Riley/Marshall AAF KS KFRI Flight Advisory Service/Tower/CTAF
USA Fort Knox/Godman AAF KY KFTK Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
USCG Atlantic Ocean LANT  USCG Cutter Local Air/Surface Operations
USA Aberdeen Proving Ground/Weide AHP MD KEDG Flight Advisory p/w 229.500
DHS FEMA FEMA National Emergency Training Center (Emmitsburg) MD 7MD2  Tower
USN NOLF Webster MD KNUI Flight Advisory/Tower
US FAA Henderson Field MDW PMDY Radio
USA Camp Grayling/Grayling AAF MI KGOV Tower/Operations
USA Camp Ripley/Ray S. Miller AAF MN KRYM Tower/CTAF/Clearance Delivery
USA Camp Shelby/Hagler AAF MS KSLJ Tower
USN NAS Meridian (McCain Field) MS KNMM Tower
USA NG Helena Regional MT KHLN Flight Advisory
USMC MCAS Cherry Point NC KNKT Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
CanForce CFB Shearwater NS CYAW Tower
USN NAS Fallon NV KNFL Flight Advisory (Commercial/General Aviation)
USA Fort Drum/Wheeler Sack AAF NY KGTB Base Operations
USA United States Military Academy West Point NY Helicopter/Grnd Stn Coord during parachutist training exercises. Also secondary use is for coordination of the Golden Knights parachute team during Black Knights football games. (Field report)
USAF Wright Patterson AFB OH KFFO Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
USA Fort Sill/Henry Post AAF OK KFSI Flight Advisory
USA Carlisle Barracks/Carlisle Barracks AHP PA KN95 Flight Advisory
USA Fort Indiantown Gap/Muir AAF PA KMUI Flight Advisory
USA Tobyhanna Army Depot PA 17PN Flight Advisory
USCG Pacific Ocean PAC  USCG Cutter Local Air/Surface Operations
USA NG Redmond Taylor AAF TX TX18 Flight Advisory
USA Fort Hood/Robert Gray AAF TX KGRK Pilot-to-Dispatcher (PTD)
USA Camp Williams UT KPVU Flight Advisory
USA Dugway Proving Ground/Michael AAF UT KDGP Tower
USA Fort A.P. Hill/A.P. Hill AAF VA KAPH Base Operations
USA Fort Lee/Fort Lee Helipad Nr 3 VA VA39 Flight Advisory
USA Fort Pickett/Blackstone AAF (A.C. Perkinson) VA KBKT Tower (this freq was just changed to 140.950 MHz and paired with 248.675 MHz)
DHS FEMA Winchester (Mt. Weather) VA MTWX Tower
USA Yakima Firing Center/Vagabodn AHP WA KFCT Flight Advisory
USA Camp Guernsey WY K7V6 Flight Advisory
USA NG Cheyenne Regional (Jerry Olson Field) WY KCYS Flight Advisory/National Guard Operations (Steamboat Ops)