Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Milcom MP Civilian/Military Aero Frequency Report 11-13-2013

This is the Milcom MPs latest list of frequency changes, updates, additions and corrections. This use to be a regular feature in my former Milcom column in Monitoring Times. Since MT is sk, I will now publish that list periodically here on the MMP blog. These have been complied from a wide variety of official government sources in the public domain. Special thanks to Jack NeSmith for his assistance in compiling these frequency lists.

 34.500   Fort Bliss/Biggs AAF [KBIF] R-5107 A/K AND R-5103 A/B/C A/A West
 36.500   Fort Bliss/Biggs AAF [KBIF] R-5107 A/K AND R-5103 A/B/C A/A East
 46.850   Cape Cod CGAS/Otis ANGB MA [KFMH] National Guard (MA) Operations
114.000   Westover ARB/Metropolitan Airport MA [KCEF] ATIS (Delete this assignment)
118.325   Northeast Ohio Regional (Ashtabula) OH [KHZY] ASOS Weather System
118.400/360.700  Nashville International TN [KBNA] Approach Class C/Departure East (ex-317.450 MHz)
118.725  Defuniak Springs FL [54J] AWOS-3P Weather System; Covington Muni GA [KCVC/9A1] AWOS-3 Weather System; Gerald R. Ford International Airport (Grand Rapids) MI [KGRR] ATIS
118.950   Reedsburg Muni WI [C35] AWOS-3
119.050   Crewe Muni VA [W81] AWOS-3
119.225   Allen C Perkinson/Blackstone AAF VA [KBKT] AWOS-3
119.350/372.000  Nashville International TN [KBNA] Departure Class C West
120.000  Kwethluk AK [KWT] AWOS-3P Weather System
120.125   Boston ARTCC [ZBW] Hyannis MA Low Altitude
120.875   Monterey Regional Airport CA [KMRY] Ground Control (ex-121.900 MHz)
121.225  Chase City Muni VA [KCXE] AWOS-3PT Weather System
121.400   Anchorage ARTCC [ZAN] Dutch Harbor AK RCAG
121.425  Napakiak AK [WNA] AWOS-3P Weather System
121.450  Clarks Point AK [CLP] AWOS-3P Weather System
121.575  Quinhagak AK [AQH] AWOS-3P Weather System; Shageluk AK [SHX] AWOS-3P Weather System; South Naknek AK [WSN] AWOS-3P Weather System
121.625   Washington Dulles International [KIAD] Ground Control West Primary
121.900   Washington Dulles International [KIAD] Ground Control East Primary
122.200/290.400 Anchorage ARTCC [ZAN] Nome AK RCAG
123.100   Fort McCoy/McCoy AAF WI [KCMY] Ground Control
124.100   Charleston WV Approach/Departure Control
124.200/279.600 Atlanta Tracon [A80] Approach/Departure Control
124.600   Fort McCoy/McCoy AAF WI [KCMY] Tower/Range Control c/s Sparta/McCoy (ex-123.450 MHz)
124.650/306.925 MCAS Quantico VA [PCT] Restricted Area R6608A/B/C p/w 306.925 Potomac Approach/Departure
125.375/254.325 Jacksonville ARTCC [ZJX] Lake City RCAG
125.700/269.000  New York Tracon (NY) Departure Control (effective 12 Dec 2013) New Rober One/Parch One Arrivals Freq
126.200/371.350  Fort Rucker/Cairns AAF AL [KOZR] Pilot-to-Dispatcher/Ops
128.125/269.000  New York Tracon (NY) Approach Control (effective 12 Dec 2013)
133.350  Kenai Muni AK [ENA] ASOS Weather System
134.100   Fort Rucker/Cairns AAF AL [KOZR] PMSV Metro
134.500/360.750 Atlanta ARTCC [ZTL] Low Altitude Macon GA (MCN) RCAG
134.750   Hill AFB UT [KHIF] Base Operations
138.500   Cape Cod CGAS/Otis ANGB MA [KFMH] National Guard (MA) Operations
140.550/372.125  Fort Stewart/Wright AAF GA [KLHW] Base Operations
140.950/248.675  Allen C Perkinson/Blackstone AAF VA [KBKT] (ex-126.200/241.000 MHz)
251.125   Fort Bliss/Biggs AAF [KBIF] ATC Ground
253.500   Ellsworth AFB SD [KRCA] Tower (ex-353.500 MHz)
290.550   Bradley Approach/Departure CT [BDL]
294.700   Troy Muni AL [KTOI] Ground Control (ex-263.125 MHz)
309.000  Westfield-Barnes Muni (Barnes ANGB) MA [KBAF] 104FW/131FS Command Post/Operations/SOF HAWK Ops (ex-303.000 MHz)
323.800   Portsmouth International at Pease NH [KPSM] 157ARW/133ARS Command Post Pack Control (ex-321.000 MHz)
341.675   Cape Cod CGAS/Otis ANGB MA [KFMH] National Guard (MA) Operations
360.200   MCAS New River NC [KNCA] Unicom (after hours)