Friday, November 22, 2013

Milcom Freq of the Week - 138.600 MHz

Alright folks it is time for another Milcom MP "freq of the week."

I would like to thank several folks who wrote us with info and updates on our last frequency -- 126.200 MHz.

This time we are going to dive into the 138-144 MHz range that is managed for the
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) by the Department of Defense exclusively. The NTIA manages the Federal use of radio spectrum.

Within the last nine years DoD has completely overhauled the bandplan in the 138-144/148-150.8 MHz band in the Continental United States. "Any" frequency list you see that has frequencies in use prior to 2004 should be used with a grain of salt. They are probably not accurate and reflect current usage in this band.

Another thing that has shaken this band up is the extensive use of trunking radio systems by DoD. Many of the individual LMR assignments that once used this band have been migrated to trunk radio systems. Consequently, the 138-144 MHz range doesn't have the same look and feel that it had a few years ago.

This week's "freq of the week" is very indicative of these changes. In the last nine years we have deleted 30 old USN/USMC assignments that were using this frequency. Most of them were LMR narrowband FM assignments.

This week's "freq of the week" will be an aero assignment within this band so most of the activity on this frequency will use the AM mode. Most of the signals you will encounter in this band will either be some sort of data signal or the narrowband FM mode that we normally see in government LMR (Land Mobile Radio) bands.

So here are the known assignments we are currently aware of on 138.600 MHz.

USAF Elmendorf AFB AK  Squadron/Wing Common
USA   Fort Rucker AL  Flight Following
USAF Little Rock AFB AR  189AW Command Post
USAF Moffitt Field CA  Supervisor of Flight
USAF Buckley AFB CO  Air Defense/Intercept
USAF Orange CT  ANG Training
USAF Homestead ARB FL  ANG Training
USAF Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF GA 117ACS Air Defense/Intercept
USAF Statewide HI  Air Defense/Intercept
USAF Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Airport ID  ANG Air Operations
USAF Scott AFB/MidAmerica Airport IL  ANG Command Post
USA   Shelbyville MAP IN  Flight Following
USAF McConnell AFB KS  ANG Air Operations
USAF NAS/JRB New Orleans ANG Training
USAF Hanscom MA  AFMC Air Operations
USAF Joint Base Andrews MD KADW ANG Squadron/Wing Common
USAF Columbus AFB MS  14FTW T-1A Aircraft Training
USAF Pope AFB NC  ACC Interplane
USAF Minot AFB ND  Comm support for 54HF Helo Ops
USA   Trenton Mercer Airport NJ  National Guard (NJ) Operations
USN   NAS Fallon NV  Air Operations
USAF Nellis AFB NV  ACC Air Operations
USAF Tulsa OK  138FW Support
USAF Statewide OR  Air Operations/Training
USAF McGhee Tyson TN  ANG Air Operations
USAF Lackland AFB TX  AFRC Command Post
USAF Hill AFB UT  ACC Air Operations
USA   Fort Lewis/Gray AAF WA Pilot-to-Dispatcher
USAF Volk Field WI  VHF Rapcon Ops

This is a good frequency to plug in your scanner (AM mode) and keep an ear on even if you don't live near one of the bases above. You will probably encounter occasional transiting traffic on this one nationwide.

As always if you have an update for any of the locations above or you have any additions you have monitored, we would certainly appreciate it of you would drop us an email at the address in the masthead. As always 73 and good hunting.