Friday, October 13, 2006

Extracts from the Russian Red Star MOD Daily 10/12

Following extracts taken from articles in Russian MOD daily "Red Star," dated 12 October 2006. Translated by Old Crow and submitted to MT's Milcom Blog for information and interest.

Joint training by the seven Guards Air Assault Division and base-subordinated forces from Novorossijsk Naval Base was carried out for the first time at the Cape Zheleznyj Rog training area recently (date not specified). The training included live firings against sea-borne targets.

[Note: This next extract not necessarily connected with above]

The Commanding General of Airborne Forces, Colonel-General Aleksandr Kolmakov held a briefing for command-level staffs of Airborne Assault troops recently [date not specified]. The briefing contained a number of activities of a tactical character. The main task of the briefing, according to the General, was a display given to Divisional and Regimental commanders of an algorithm for the direction/control of units and formations engaged in combat operations and providing for an airborne assault on enemy-occupied territory.