Friday, October 13, 2006

Russian Naval Vessel Leaves Lebanon

Following extract from article on Russian MOD website. dated 10 October 2006. Translated by Old Crow and submitted to MT's Milcom Blog for information and interest.

The Black Sea Fleet Escort Vessel "PYTLIVYJ" (Inquisitive?) has completed a working visit to the Lebanese Republic.The Escort Vessel and a cargo ship, the "Yurij Arshenevskij" of the Murmansk Steamship Company, have completed the unloading of vehicles and equipment belonging to the Russian engineering battalion (very prob the 100th Independent Bridge and Road Construction Battalion which was airlifted last week.) in the port of El'DZhiya (as spelt) ...both vessels have now left Lebanese territorial waters. (NB: I have seen a note in an earlier article which reported that this equipment and vehicles were sent off from the port of Novorossijsk (Black Sea - about 3/4 up right hand side). Earlier, sailors from the PYTLIVYJ took part in a ceremonial raising of the Russian and Lebanese flags at the "Zukhrani" (as spelt) camp of the Russian Engineer Battalion situated near the town of Sajda (as spelt). Later, the Commanding Officer of PYTLIVYJ, Captain 2nd Rank Sergej Tronev and his officers called on the Commanderof Lebanese Naval Forces - Brigade Admiral Butrus Abi Nars. (Diplomatic niceties follow). In the near future, PYTLIVYJ will replenish with water and fuel from Black Sea Fleet support vessels (Doesn't say who or where) after which the ship will continue to carry out its assigned missions. .

Note: There is an article in "Red Star" which shows a picture of a large 6-wheeled excavator vehicle coming down a ramp from a ship (looks like a deuce-and-half with a bucket on a stick). The article goes on to say that the ship tied upon Saturday morning in El' DZhiya - a small port south of Beirut - which is capable of handling ships with a significant draught.