Thursday, October 05, 2006

The "LEN" HF ALE Net Noon EDT Update

This is an update of the original post to this blog made Saturday 30 September.

A new unidentified ALE net has been widely reported across Europe by various members of the UDXF.

Known as the LEN net (the net NCS appears to be ALE address LEN) it has been widely heard on the following HF frequencies: 4780.0 4970.0 5200.0 5290.0 5335.0 5530.0 6690.0 6695.0 6855.0 6950.0 7500.0 7580.0 7725.0 7780.0 8080.0 kHz ALE Kristian on the UDXF newsgroup posted the new frequencies for this net in the last 24 hours.

Addresses include: LEN (NCS) BG2 BR1 BR2 BT2 DZ1 GS1 21B

Kristian recorded a conversation after a connect of LEN and ab Bxx-Station. Ary Boender uploaded two wave-files to the UDXF file section:

The language is unknown and if anyone can identify this language please let me know. Anyone with any insight on these folks are invited to drop us email about the LEN HF ALE network.