Friday, October 13, 2006

Extracts from the Russian Red Star MOD Daily 10/13

Following extracts taken from articles on Russian MOD website, dated 13 Oct 2006. Translated by Old Crow and submitted to MT's Milcom Blog for information and interest.

<<.. The Black Sea Fleet Large Landing Ship [BDK] "Yamal" has entered the Greek port of Patry (as spelt).The BDK "Yamal" has arrived in the Greek port of Patry. On the first day of the working visit, the Commander of the deployment, Rear Admiral Evgenij Khalajchev, the Yamal's captain, Captain 1st Rank Igor' Gavrish made a courtesy call on the Civil and Military authorities of the town of Patry, in the course of which they met the Commander of the Greek Naval forces in the Ionian Sea, Captain 1st Rank Panaetis Lukopulous and the Deputy Mayor of the town of Ekaterina Kotruba. (Diplomatic niceties concerning the Russian sailors always being honoured guests and the significance of the Flag of St Andrew [Russian Naval Ensign] being at Patry where the largest cathedral in the Balkans bears the name of the Russian sailors' patron saint). The "Yamal" will remain in Patry until 17 October.. >>.

<<.. The Black Sea Fleet has begun a Full Inspection under the Main Russian Naval Command Staff. Today, 13 October, a full inspection of the Black Sea Fleet's combat readiness began. The Chief of Combat Training in the Black Sea Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Valerij Kulikov briefed the fleet's media representatives. He informed them that the inspection of the Black Sea Fleet is under the personal direction of CinC Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Masorin who will arrive in Sevastopol' for a critique on the inspection on 26 October. Headed that a group of officers from the Main Naval Staff had arrived in Novorossijsk and had already started work [on the inspection]. The Chief of one of the leading directorates of the Black Sea Fleet noted that "as a result of some serious training, we are ready to demonstrate the combat readiness of all of the fleet's sub-formations." He drew particular attention to the fact that there were several noteworthy events in the fleet's activities... Firstly, it would be not only the units located in the base area but also the ships carrying out missions currently in the Mediterranean Sea. The Escort Vessel (SKR) "Pytlivyj" which had escorted the Russian Cargo Ship"Yurij Arshenevskij" to the Lebanon, is on its return from the Mediterranean Sea, without calling in at any base, to carry out mock combat with ships of the Novorossijsk naval base; the result of which being evaluated as to its combat efficency. The Large Landing Ship (BDK) "Yamal"is carrying out specific missions while showing the Russian Naval flag at anumber of Greek ports. In the Eastern part of the Black Sea, the GM Cruiser "Moskva", the BDKs "Azov" and "Tsezar' Kunikov" are engaged inserials of the operation "Black Sea Harmony" jointly with Turkish naval units...Secondly, there would be an inspection of the Large A/S Ship (BPK)"Kerch'", the Escort Vessel (SKR) "Ladnyj" and the Auxiliary Vessel General Ryabikov" after refit and their acceptance into the continuous readiness forces of the fleet based on their capabilities each to rapidly carry out their assigned missions.. Thirdly, the Fleet Rear Services units; and those formations of the Fleet which did not participate in the Command-Staff training directed by CinC Russian Navy, Admiral Masorin in August this year will be inspected fully. Captain 1st Kulikov informed Fleet representatives that the inspection would include shore-based troops and Fleet Aviation assets. Naval Infantry units had been placed on alert and were carrying out airborne assault training [doesn't say where]. The Surface-Air missile regiment had deployed and had commenced combat-training missions..The Chief of Fleet Combat Training Directorate indicated other aspects of the Inspection.The first thing that the Inspectors will be interested in is not just the path taken but also the methodology and the progress of the Fleet's combat readiness, the maintenance of a high state of combat-efficiency by the ships and units and unswerving observance of the requirements of the Inspection regulations.. >>.

Following extracts taken from the pages of Russian MOD daily "Red Star"dated 131006.

<<.. The Strategic Missile Submarine "Bryansk" [Looks like a Delta IV](RPLSN) has left the slipways after modernisation in Severodvinsk at SEVMAShPREDPRIYATII. In the course of its refit, they have installed improved equipment which will reduce the noise emitted by the submarine and increase its capability to detect enemy submarines. Before being handed over to the Northern Fleet, the submarine will undergo a full series of Contractor's Sea Trials. The refit/modernisation has been completed ahead of schedule: it had been planned for completion in 2007. The Missile submarine "Bryansk" is a project 667 BDRM ("DEL'FIN") classboat. Completed in 1990, she was the last of seven units in the series. Today, these boats are the main strike force of the sea-borne arm of Russia's strategic Triad. All submarines of this class are based in the Northern Fleet.. >>.

<<.. Joint Russo-Japanes maritime exercises "SAREX" in the Sea of Japan have been succesfully completed. This was revealed on Thursday (12th?) to INTERFAX by the Commander of the Primorskij Flotilla, Vice-Admiral Viktor Chirkov. He was in charge of the Russian ships of the Pacific Fleet who had taken part in the exercise. Russia had assigned the Large A/S Ship (BPK) "Admiral Panteleev," the Small A/S Ship (MPK) "Sovetskaya Gavan,'" a diesel submarine of the "Varshavyanka" type [A Kilo???] and a Rescue Tug"SB-522" to the exercise. Japan assigned the Destroyers "Simakadze" and"Kharuna". The Russian ships returned to Vladivostok on Thursday.. >>