Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hezbollah cracked the code - An Update

Frank Cardenas posted this update to a story we ran last month (and no we weren't the ones who said the Israeli mil was using Sincgars radios).

Courtesy of Frank and the Milcom newsgroup on

"Recent media articles have claimed that Hezbollah had employed advanced technology to crack Israeli communications during the fighting in Lebanon. Based upon a story released by the Armed Forces Press Service, the articles have alleged that the Hezbollah used technology from Iran to thwart Israeli tank attacks. Some in the U.S. Arrmed Services have expressed the fear that Hezbollah or Iran has shared this technology with extremists in Iraq. But, the articles are wrong. The Israelis do not use the U.S. SINCGARS system, but instead another frequency-hopping technology. Frequency hopping means messages switch among dozens of frequencies each second to evade being jammed or intercepted. Israel's frequency-hopping radio does not have the U.S. frequency-hopping algorithm, and it does not use the U.S. transmission security devices. It is these features, in combination, that provide the robust protection for U.S. SINCGARS. Those pieces of the SINCGARS provide service members with assured communications security when they follow proper communications procedures."