Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aerial Refueling Frequency Update

Over the last few years I have documented in my Monitoring Times Milcom column and here on this blog the fact that a major overhaul is underway of the 225-400 MHz milair band. Part of this massive change in frequencies is due to the conversion of some of the 380-400 MHz frequencies from aero to LMR frequencies. Other changes appear to involve what appears to be several new subbands devoted to wideband communications, ATC freq blocks, Command and Control frequencies, and other changes.

On July 5, DoD released a new edition of their AP-1B pub. There were quite a few frequency changes in AR section of this pub. The biggest change I noticed was that aerial refueling freqs 319.5 and 319.7 MHz were replaced by 256.650 and 343.250 MHz respectively. Not all of the 319.5/319.7 have changed but a significant number have. If your local AR route uses 319.5 or 319.7, you need to plug in the new freqs above or getting ready for them to go silent. They will change very soon.

In the meantime here is a list below of all the new assignments.

233.7250 AR-136V (North/South) Primary; AR-137V (North/South) Primary; AR-135V (North/South) Secondary
235.1000 AR-332 (NE/SW) Primary; AR-112H (East/West) Primary
236.6500 AR-007B Primary; AR-315 (East/West) Secondary
238.5000 AR-135V (North/South) Primary; AR-136V (North/South) Secondary; AR-137V (North/South) Secondary
240.3500 AR-008A Primary; AR-318 (East/West) Primary; AR-633A/B Primary
256.6500 AR-005L (East/West) Primary; AR-006 Primary; AR-001 (East) Secondary; AR-002 (West) Secondary; AR-003L Secondary; AR-007A Secondary; AR-007B Secondary; AR-008A Secondary; AR-008B Secondary; AR-209 (West/East) Secondary; AR-648A/B Secondary
260.2000 AR-041V (North/South) Secondary; AR-112H (East/West) Secondary; AR-112L (East/West) Secondary
265.5000 AR-003H (East/West) Primary
271.6500 AR-003H (East/West) Secondary
274.4500 AR-220 Primary; AR-006 Secondary
278.7500 AR-010 (SE/NW) Primary; AR-302 (East/West) Primary; AR-005L (East/West) Secondary
291.6500 AR-642 (East/West) Primary; AR-659 Primary
292.6000 AR-610A/B Secondary
295.8000 AR-112L (East/West) Primary
297.3000 AR-406L (East/West) Primary; AR-406H (East/West) Secondary
305.5000 AR-219 Primary
324.6000 AR-653 Primary
327.6000 AR-324 Primary; AR-255L (East/West) Primary
342.5500 AR-005H (East/West) Secondary; AR-716 Secondary
343.2500 AR-315 (East/West) Primary; AR-324 Secondary; AR-332 (NE/SW) Secondary; AR-202 (South/North/Alt North) Secondary; AR-216 (NE/SW) Secondary; AR-328 Secondary; AR-617 Secondary; AR-618 Secondary; AR-620 Secondary; AR-633A/B Secondary; AR-638 Secondary; AR-655 Secondary

I will have more of this in a future MT Milcom column.