Tuesday, July 24, 2007

USS Harry S. Truman TRS

My old friend Robert Wyman sent in a report on the trunk radio system (TRS) used on the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Here is his report:

EDACS system, comms are analog, non-encrypted. I don't have the LCN order (anyone have it?), but voice comms have been heard on these freqs so far (inputs and outputs):

406.125 Control Channel

VOICE (w/EDACS trailing tones):
407.075 408.125 408.450 408.700 408.975 409.425 410.025 411.975 412.475 416.225
416.600 418.025* 419.600 419.900

*418.025 may be a stand-alone freq; scanner is reporting a tone of 74.4

Nothing heard during 380-400 search.

156.725 Marine channel 74 w/"WARSHIP 75"and local vessel comms
157.1 Marine channel 22A w/USCG warning area advisories

Many thanks to Robert for passing that report along to MT's Milcom Monitoring Blog.